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It’s time to understand the difference between Bacterial and viral infections.

Do you think a good dose of antibiotics will knock out your cold or flu? Think again. Antibiotics, if prescribed and taken correctly, normally can fight bacterial infections but they are inefficient on virus such as the cold and flu.

Unlike bacteria, viruses usually require a vaccination to prevent them in the first place or specific drugs to treat them. Often, the only and perfect treatment for a viral infection to improve the immunity that helps your body to fight internally and keep you fit and healthy.

Ayurvedic preparations consider disease as a part of the whole body rather than the disease itself, the holistic way of treatment. Ogestern is a herbal formulation to improve the immunity and energy levels along with all other basic functions.Some of the wonder herbs in the formulation are:Amla(Emblica officinalis): Rich source of Vitamins, aids in digestion and absorption of minerals, boosts immunity, improves eyesight and hair growth.   Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): A powerful Anti-oxidant, fights fatigue and strengthens body and mind. It is also known to promote good sleep and wellness.   Shatavari(Asparagus racemosus): Boosts immunity, source of anti-oxidant, improves memory.

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