Managing diabetes mellitus and diet through Ayurveda

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Diabetes Mellitus – lifestyle and management
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Diabetes Mellitus is the most threatening endemic lifestyle disease, having social, medical and economic consequences globally. According to the International Diabetes Federation; 3.8 million deaths are attributed because of Diabetes and its secondary impact. At least 50% of patients are unaware of their condition because of lack of awareness.

It also emphasizes that up to 80% of Type 2 diabetes is preventable by adopting a healthy diet and increasing physical activity. Active participation in the form of lifestyle changes of diabetes mellitus and diet is critical. Additionallyit results in fewer expenses in the management of diabetes and ensures good glycemic control.

All polyuria diseases in Ayurveda are described under Prameha, and Madhumeha’ is one amongst them. It is an acquired the form of Prameha due to ‘Apathya Ahara’ (incompatible diet/unwholesome diet) and Apathya vihara’ (incompatible lifestyle). Madhumeha is more equated with Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is not a disease

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder. It results out of the accumulation of several bad habits that usually comprises of skipping meals, intake of too much sucrose, added preservative food and carbonated drinks.

Again diabetes is not a disease, it is condition where you have to keep your sugar level under control based on your body type, age and various other factors.

In the modern system of medicines, insulin injection is the common treatment plan. But that doesn’t help you in the long run. Your body depends on that insulin shot always. In the holistic medicine, diabetic is addressed by diet plan. Diabetes in Ayurveda is not a disease but a irregular lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Diet Plan Importance

Ayurvedic Diet Plan for diabetes is important because it changes the entire lifestyle just by consuming right food at right time. The detailed importance of the food and diabetes is discussed below.

Pathya Sevana for diabetes mellitus and diet:

Pathya’ means that which is suitable for ‘Pathas’ or srothas, i.e., the channels and duct systems of the body responsible for transportation of nutrition and other essentials in the body. Moreover, it also cleanses unnecessary and unwanted things from the body. Many foods and lifestyle that are unwholesome and nonbeneficial or harmful for the Pathas or Srothas or channels are ‘Apathya.’

Keeping away from Apthya and following Pathya is the best way of avoiding disease. In case, the disease has manifested or is in its initial stage, with feeble signs and symptoms, then following Pathya will help in recovering from ailments.

In these conditions Pathya itself acts as Chikitsa (medicine) and becomes mandatory co-prescription in the main line of treatment or medication If the individual does not follow the regimen for diabetes mellitus and diet, it becomes difficult to regain health.

Diet Plan for Diabetes

1. First and foremost guideline is to avoid diet-related etiological factors (Nidhanaparivarjana).

2. Sthula madhumehi (obese and diabetic) should take Apatarpanaguna and heavy to digest foods

3. Krisha madhumehi (thin and diabetic) should take Santharpanaguna and light to digest food.

4. Nutritious diet and activities suited to all dhatus (tissues).

5. Quantity and quality of food are decided based on Agni bala(digestive power).

Ayurvedic Diet Plan For Diabetes

An Ayurvedic meal plan for diabetes mellitus matches calories from food to individual physical activity and insulin levels. A balanced diet includes a variety of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, cereals and spices with less processed food. It would help maintain the glycemic level and BMI within limits and reduces the risk of secondary degenerative illness.

List of grains, greens, and fruits for you:

1. Fiber-rich green veggies and cereals.

2. Whole green gram, Bengal gram, horse gram, and toor dal.

3. Yava (barley), Wheat, shali (rice).

4. Bitter and astringent veggies – pointed gourd, bitter gourd, cauliflower, green beans, lettuce, drumstick, raw banana, garlic.

5. Jamun, grapes, apple, banana, guava, pomegranate, Indian gooseberry.

If you want to know more about your body type and its appropriate Pathya for diabetes mellitus, then connect with our LiveRight Doctors for a personalized solution.

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