Are you a caffenizer?

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For a person who is always looking forward to their next cup of coffee, reports of caffeine affecting blood pressure is not good news

Caffeine can cause a short, but dramatic increase in your blood pressure, even if you don’t have high blood pressure.

While findings to date do not suggest that coffee should be avoided over concerns of high blood pressure, like most things it should be consumed in moderation after knowing how caffeine can affect your body.

Every type of food can be a poison or medicine, depending on what your individual constitution is—and how and when you consume it.


Here are five Ayurvedic guidelines for coffee drinkers

Know your Dosha – your body type determines whether you can enjoy coffee without letting it create imbalances in your body. Body type also determines whether your coffee can be sweet & creamy or just black

The best time of day to drink coffee is early morning when Kapha dosha is higher.

Control your portion size – Too much coffee will dehydrate your system, and lead to other unpleasant side effects such as acid reflux or a racing mind

Go organic – conventional coffee can contain pesticide residues that can form toxins in the body

While it is better to have coffee in the morning, don’t have it on an empty stomach. Enjoy your coffee along with a healthy breakfast.

By observing your diet, it is possible to see what effect the foods you consume have on your health. There is no universal diet that is perfect for everyone.

LiveRight is on a mission to create awareness about how our choices of food and lifestyle impact health. We use Ayurveda principles to identify your body constitution and suggest a diet and exercise regimen appropriate to you. Contact Ayurveda Doctor today.


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