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2 minute read

Our skin is the largest external organ of our body. It is a crucial indicator of health and our overall well being. One of the notable facts of skin is the influence of internal and external factors. The external factors being the sunrays, climate, air, environment, hard water along with pollutants.

The internal influence comes from our stress, hormonal imbalance, biological aging, genetic causes, and the onset of diseases.

The ayurvedic concept of managing your skin health is a triad of:

1. The moisture of skin – Kapha in balance

2. Effective metabolism that coordinates with the hormonal reaction of skin – Pitta in balance.

3. Proper circulation of blood and nutrients – Vata in balance.

The Tridosha is a unique constitution of every individual.

The concept of Tridosha has a significant role in overall skin health. The current state of nutritional fluid, blood and muscle health is seen on the skin.

1. The purified, oxygenated blood cleanses the skin and ensures a spotless body.

2. The muscle tissue provides firmness and prevents sagging due to biological aging;

3. The metabolic nutrients feed the skin and maintain skin health.

Lack of proper skincare can also trigger many autoimmune conditions such as Vitiligo and Psoriasis.

Ayurveda’s guide to maintain skin health:

Varnya (skin lightening) – Ability to enhance the inner radiance of skin and promotes skin brightening. The most used herbs in this regard are Manjistha

Vayasthapana (age-defying) – The cooling properties of ficus group, for example, Udumbara, aid in maintaining youthfulness. They nourish the skin and ensure optimum physiological functioning and promoting the anti-aging property.

Sandhaniya (cell rejuvenation/regeneration) – Triphala helps to maintain healing and proper regenerative function of the skin and protects the skin from environmental influence.

Vranaropana – Haridra has healing and anti-inflammatory properties that clear pimples.

Twachya (nurturing) – Ficus group that nurtures the skin and maintain its health.

Tvachagnivardhini (metabolism) – Enhancing the luster of skin by improving skin metabolism.

Skincare based on Prakriti:

Vata skin or Dry skin: skin should be nourished and rehydrated to avoid wrinkles, premature aging. Warm oil self-massage and herbal moisturizers help to prevent your skin from damage.

Pitta skin or sensitive skins – Sunscreens helps to prevent suntan, burning sensation, etc. oil massage should be done regularly to promote even tone.

Kapha skin or healthy skin – should be adequately moisturized with warm oil massage along with gentle exfoliation.

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