Why is lehyam part of Diwali?

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Why is Lehyam part of Diwali ?
2 minute read

Festivals mean gastronomical indulgences followed by digestive problems. More so, during the celebration of Diwali. But, unlike other festivals, Diwali presents us with a solution for these digestive problems through Diwali Lehyam.

Diwali means binge-eating of sweets and savories all through the day. The oil and ghee content in these Diwali food items is in generous amounts that can cause stomach ache and other gastric troubles like indigestion and acidity.

Eating Diwali Lehyam is a must-do ritual of every South-Indian household.

The day starts with an oil bath, a spoonful of Diwali lehyam in an empty stomach, and then to the festivities. Every household has their own version of their lehyam and is passed down generations.

Why empty stomach?

It is a traditional practice to have an oil-bath on the dawn of Diwali. This oil bath kindles the digestive fire, which is low or high amounts, is detrimental for health. Eating this lehyam helps in maintaining the digestive fire at normal levels. Additionally, it helps in processing the extra-fat retained from the Diwali delicacies.

Trivia! This lehyam is also given to new moms for a better digestion process.

The most popular variant of this Diwali lehyam is the Ginger and Dhania variant. It is prepared with spoonfuls of Ghee along with Jaggery. The ingredients of this Diwali lehyam also include carom seeds, pepper, cumin, and others.

Ginger:  A traditional remedy used for millennia to smoothen the digestive process. It promotes good gastric health.

Dhania: Helps in treating upset stomach, diarrhea, and intestinal gas.

Ghee: It has high quantities of Butyric acid essential for the health of intestinal walls. It also keeps the body warm during winter.

Having Diwali lehyam gives us a whole lot of benefits in aiding the digestion process.

But is having a good digestive capacity is enough?

No, when all the organs of the body function together in complete harmony, we can achieve wellness and LiveRight.

We posed this question to Dr. Subashri, who is the chief medical consultant at LiveRight. She answered the question by telling us her personal experience:

A friend of Dr.Subashri approached her complaining of stress, fatigue and unable to cope with everyday challenges. He was also experiencing body pains and irregular sleep schedules. Then, she advised him to take a lehyam containing the rejuvenating herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gokshura, Guduchi, Atma Gupta, and Amalaki and meet her after three months. She also advised some lifestyle changes too. As advised, he started having the lehyam regularly along with his prescribed lifestyle changes.

After the completion of three months, he met her with a spring in his step and as a much happier version of himself. He even said that he is now able to handle his daily challenges much more efficiently

But, he asked Dr.Subashri a question of how this is possible and she answered as follows:

Achieving the perfect balance of mind and body is only possible when an individual has a holistic practice of taking rejuvenating herbs as part of the daily diet. Also, they should follow the concept of Dinacharyam as prescribed in the ancient Ayurvedic texts.”

What are you waiting for? Get Ogestern Lehyam today and achieve wellness!

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