New Year Resolutions for 2020

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New year resolutions for 2020.
4 minute read


We completed a decade.

10 years flew just like that. This decade left remarkable impact in lifestyle, habits, and technology. Even the economy became too stressed and it went flat in all the charts. Booming technology is visible everywhere, but it damaged the lifestyle to a point where coming out of this seems impossible. 

Air is being sold at a rate of 10rs. Clean drinking water is demand in Earth(so we started to dig holes in Mars). Robots deliver courier parcels. Food is not cooked but ordered. Weekends are for overtime.

This is the life of the millennial generation. Chasing invoices seems more attractive rather than taking proper rest. It is evident from the fact that almost 50% of the population take health resolutions for the new year 2020. New year resolutions is a common tradition found across the world but this year, from top leaders to techie CEO’s, the resolutions in 2020 are around the lifestyle, food habits and focuses more about the health. 

Well, there may be many new year resolutions for 2020 in your plan but we have 4 simple new year resolutions that you can keep up and take it with you to the next decade. 

You can feel at ease because we have the easy new year resolution for 2020 along with the hacks to follow them every day. 

Healthy habits for your healthy resolutions

A New Year resolution list will look incomplete without having a health based resolution. This 2020 is overflowing with more wellness oriented resolutions.

People fear the disastrous lifestyle; it forces to live in the erratic. New year resolutions such as avoiding junk food, going vegan, removing the unhealthy lifestyle is common in 2020 resolutions list. 

Since the world is moving fast, it has become harder to wait. We want everything swiggyed. Our diet contains too many vitamin supplement pills, and that is not doing any good in your long term. It is an instant pacifier. When you have crossed the age of 40+ you cannot leverage any advantages out of it. All those protein shakes can’t shape you are looking for a healthy look.

But we are in the 2020 “Quickride” generation where anything and everything needs to be served in 2 minutes like Maggi. Even the rice paddy waits for 12 months to become mature. 

Wellness Hacks

1. Replace the small white sugar packets you drop in the coffee with palm sugar, or even better if you replace the coffee mugs with salad bowls. Your 2020 resolution can include shopping New Year’s salad bowls rather than the coffee mugs.

2. For an even further good habit, replace your team meetings with healthy drinks like homemade buttermilk, herbal drinks. We are moving to caffeine free meetings at Liveright. We now accompany our meetings with our herbal drink Eastern M+

3. Stop grabbing those chips packet for your lazy afternoon snack. Instead munch on a bowl of cucumber salad or maybe watermelon also sounds good(summer is approaching right).

Be in a relationship with you 

The “me time” is considered as a grave mistake. With all the madness going in the economy, people face more working hours, pull overtime all the time, sacrifice the weekends for incentives. We consider many more untold pitiful trends as productive activities. 

This is not a healthy lifestyle. Ignoring the time for your mind to calm is a bad habit. This will affect your body and mental health in the long term. Top CEOs are massively taking new year resolutions that promote mental health.

The CEO of Kronos, Aron Ain, encourages his employees to make their family and the community as a priority.  He emphasizes family time made his children to be mentally strong and better decision makers.

Following his steps, the young founder of Nanoclean, Prateek Sharma is going for one boring day and some quality time with his mother in every month of 2020. We should encourage new year resolutions like this more. It promotes mental health and gives you a solid grip on the wheel. His 2020 new year resolution is an inspiration to all of the young millennial generation to understand the importance of mental health.

If you are this hard core hustler, perfectionist, believing that working more hours is productive,  it is scary for you to take a break. That small man inside the brain will poke you with a stick. 

The time we spend for things outside the career box is not much appreciated in many companies. Some claim it as a sin. You don’t realize, investing time in you, for you is the utmost importance of all and that is the core productivity.

Liveright employees gets vacation time every quarter to recharge them completely and come back so much energy loaded. Google also had this 4-day work schedule plan and showed that productivity increased in every person.   

If you have the desire to do more in 2020 new year, resolute to focus on you, and it is a beautiful new year resolution you can keep up forever.

Wellness Hacks 

1. Take some extra time to sleep in the morning or in the late afternoon. 

2. A nice long, warm bathe would bring back all the nerves with a new refreshed feel. You don’t have to spend money in the spa or other herbal therapeutics centres. Instead you could have your own rejuvenating bathe in your home with locked doors— no interruptions. 

3. House projects are another nice way to get you back on the track. Paint the walls or fence. Build a new kitchen counter. Decorate your garden with some cool chairs and tables. You can also do some DIY projects using the old things you have at your home. 

4. Go shopping in a brick and mortar store. Buy that favorite outfit you had in your mind for a very long time. Give yourself with some treats and help your inner mind to feel good. 

5. Most importantly don’t feel regret afterwards. 


I agree that we are in a competitive world. You are thriving more each day to do your best and these resolutions can seem overwhelming to achieve. If the engine fails the plane drops. Taking a New Year’s resolution is easy but following them is challenging. You are taking up challenges in your work, office and business to accomplish the goals of somebody’s dream, do the same for your own body and mind. It can work wonders in this 2020 new year. 

You are taking up challenges in your work, office and business to accomplish the goals of somebody’s dream. Do the same for your own body and mind.

Still the year is fresh, if you have not taken up any new year resolutions, these can inspire you to bring changes in 2020. Resolutions are big reminders that push you to stay on track. 

Everything comes down to your mindset and interest. So let us get it set now. 

Do you have any new year resolution to escape from this fast and furious world? Tell the world in the comment box. It could inspire many to follow.

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