Is your Joint Pain a Sign of Arthritis?

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Is your joint pain a sign of Arthritis ?
4 minute read


Walking, running, typing, writing are some of the common activities in our daily routines. But for about 15% of people, i.e. over 180 million people in India, it is agonizing. 

Wondering why?

Well, the reason is none other than Arthritis

Arthritis is witnessed frequently in women rather than in men. 

The levels of rheumatoid factor (RF), at 13.08 percent, were also higher in women than in men.

Source: IndiaToday

The prevalence rate looks scary because Arthritis is more common than AIDS, diabetes, and cancer. Unlike the many other diseases, it is not a health condition where you can get hospitalized as it is a chronic condition. This condition is worse because your daily routines will be hefty. 

Arthritis joint pain cannot be overlooked as one more pain you experience every day.

You should not compromise the seriousness of these pains. From celebrities to normal people, with proper food habits and correct workout plan, they are turning Arthritis to Arthrit-ease

What is Arthritis?

Joints are the prey to Arthritis. Each joint connects one bone to another. And the bones don’t have direct contact with each other. There is an underlying tissue— cartilage, a soft tissue that is flexible, enables for the movement of the bones with no friction. Every time you fold and unfold your arm, the cartilage tissue makes sure it is smooth like a greased vehicle.

Without this soft flexible tissue, it will be two bones contacting and rubbing on each other painfully. What results from this action? Friction. When friction is there, it leads to swelling, and that is inflammation.

Why do I get Arthritis?

In layman terms, the absence of soft tissue causes Arthritis. Arthritis also occurs in case of a sedentary lifestyle, degeneration of tissues due to aging, affected by infectious wounds and if you don’t follow a proper diet.

There are few ayurvedic reasons for arthritis where your lifestyle can be a cause of this chronic autoimmune condition. 

How do I know if I have Arthritis?

Symptoms of Arthritis include, 

Pain, Pain, and Pain

The joint pain is the worst pain than anything else. A  minor brushing against a chair or cupboard with your elbow joint will give an electric jolt throughout your entire arm. Arthritis joint pain is worse than this. You find even folding and unfolding your arm as a  Bahubali task.

Moving is challenging

Limited range of motion in the joints or spine. Although your mind is ready to move around, you won’t be able to do that with your body. You restrict and restricted from moving around because of the intense pain you feel every time when you indulge in any kind of physical activity. Even replying to a WhatsApp message is hard and so intense your pain is.

Skin Redness 

Your joint pain worsens every day and you feel them reflecting on your skin. The areas around the joint will become tender (in case of osteoarthritis) and redness of the skin. 

Fatigue, Anemia, Weight Loss 

The pain in the joint also accompanies fatigue. You would have lost your appetite, feel anemic, and lose weight. This will make your body feel naturally inactive, less in energy and decrease your range of motion. Also, fever is a common symptom of advanced stages of arthritis.

How do I recover from arthritis?

Arthritis treatment plan helps you to effectively manage your pain and supports you in the pursuit of the physical activity to carry out your daily routines.

When you visit a doctor for arthritis treatment, surgery is commonly recommended. Along with prescribed medications, physical therapy is also undertaken to gradually increase joint lubrication and movement. Liveright promotes non-surgery treatment methods.

Ayurveda promotes a natural way of treating arthritis through diet plan. The Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis is the best alternatives to NSAIDs. Arthritis treatment plan in Ayurveda is a natural way of eliminating food, habits, and lifestyle that is harmful to your body.

What is your diet plan should be?

Food to Avoid

1. A big no to high starch-rich content food such as tuber varieties.

Eg: Potato, sweet potato, cassava(மரவள்ளி), Taro(சேம்புக் கிழங்கு) and its varieties

2. Forget the shallow fried, deep-fried and any fried food items. It’s a no to oil

Eg: Chips, samosas and all the Indian snacks (every snack is fried in someway)

3. Spicy food and the spice in the food needs to be avoided deliberately

Eg: Forget the Andhra Mess and the Andhra cuisine. All the food that starts with chilli in the name has to be eliminated from your plate. Chilli paneer, chilli mushroom, chilli chicken., etc

4. Carbonated food, drinks are very harmful and avoid them.

Eg: Soda, soft drinks, packed drinks from containers

5. Processed and packaged food is forbidden forever

Eg: Ready to eat meals like cup noodles, sandwich boxes, ready-made Rotis and any store-bought food is danger to your health

Foods to intake

1.Boiled or Steamed food

Eg: Vegetable soup without any added preservatives.

2. Water nutritious vegetables

Eg: Lettuce, celery, cabbage, radish, cucumber, zucchini(சுரைக்காய்), Ridge Gourd(பீர்க்கங்காய்), tomatoes, turnips, bottle gourd

Physical Activity 

1. Compulsory walking every day. Pick your favorite venue and time to walk. But please don’t walk on the terrace or inside your house. Choose a place where you can see strangers, air, and sunlight. Roam around with happy thoughts in your mind for 15 minutes at least and increase gradually.

2. Yoga can be soothing to your joint pain. Simple asanas like Padmasan, Dhanurasan, and Halasan can enable those joints to operate by combating your pain.


Arthritis can be painful but not impossible. You need extra effort in watching your diet, planning your daily habits and practicing yoga. You can manage your arthritis treatment in the ayurvedic method with little bit self-discipline. 

If you have any of the above symptoms you can get a free online consultation from our panel of doctors.  

Do you have any methods that have helped you to manage your arthritis pain effectively?  Let us know in the comments.

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