Myths, Facts, and Don'ts for Coronavirus Infection

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Myths,Facts and Dont's for coronavirus.
4 minute read

“Educating people with facts rather than fiction,”

The quote goes well with the current global coronavirus (nCoV) trend. 

Assumptions are the worst enemies in all dimensions. Have you ever experienced confusion, fear and anger all on the same day occurring at the same moment? 

When you don’t have enough facts to reason out something rational, you end up assuming things based on your moods. If you make this kind of uninformed decisions with your health, the outcome can be fatal. 

The news about coronavirus infection is dealing with the above-mentioned scenario. People read something on WhatsApp or see it on YouTube, and they spread false news everywhere. 

While dealing with any situation, it is essential to remain calm, collected and composed. 

“Even a wild person but with a calm mind can achieve anything”

Everywhere people talk about coronavirus infection and the claims are far from reality. 

Example : Social media was flooded with unapologetically many rumours about Wuhan city, like the police are using violence to make the infected people stay inside their houses. False news such as Siddha doctors have a cure.  

In this post, we will give trusted and verified facts about the coronavirus infection. 

Myths about Coronavirus Infection 

Myth 1 : The COVID-19 fever has spreaded in India

The above statement is false. Economic times have reported that there is no positive coronavirus infection. Three people have been kept under quarantine to check for coronavirus infection from Kerala, but two of them have been confirmed negative. 

Myth 2: Coronavirus has treatment in Ayurveda

Ayush has taken back it’s advisory after confirming that the Ayurvedic treatment claims for coronavirus infection are “preventive or supportive measures” not “cure”. To know and understand more about the Ayurvedic treatment plan for coronavirus infection, check our video given by Ayurveda Dr. Subashri about coronavirus medicines in Ayurveda.


Myth 3: Coronavirus spreads through dogs and other pets

No, Coronavirus cannot spread through animals or pet animals. There is no clear proof that this virus can spread through animals. However, washing hands and having good hygiene is advised before touching your pets. 

Myth 4: Receiving couriers or packages from China will lead to coronavirus infection. 

Coronavirus cannot survive on objects such as letters, packages and couriers for long. So if you receive things from China, you will not get coronavirus. Also, everything landing from China is going through thermal scanners and other medical scanners to detect the virus. 

If you are terrified and confused about coronavirus infection and looking to seek advice on it, consult our online doctors (free)  or whatsapp us at 91 75500 23323.

Coronavirus Preventive Measures:

Since coronavirus infection is not yet reported in India, you still take supportive measures that can help you kick away this infection.

 Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani medicines claims about boosting your immunity and prevent yourself from catching the infection. 


There are many Do’s about taking in for your body, but there are few things which you can drop from your routine to build a stronger body. 

Coronavirus infection affects your upper respiratory system initially and moves to the lower respiratory part to produce pneumonia and it worsens to damage your kidneys. We humans are lazy, we cannot adopt new habits (esp good habits) but bad habits are incorporated quickly. If we can undo many of our bad habits, we could solve most of our immunity problems by building a strong defense around us or within us.

Health Drinks don’t come in “packages”

There are many juices, drinks and health tonics which come in cartons and tetra packs. Buying and drinking we consider them as a “modern healthy habit” by the XYZ generation. Have you ever thought to turn and check those cartons for natural ingredients? 

Never drink something that says “added preservatives” or comes in packaged formats. When you intake these drinks, chances of getting inflammation is high. Higher the inflammation, higher the infection affecting rate. 

No raw or Half- cooked meals

China’s eating culture is seen as one major reason for the coronavirus outbreak. Health experts across the world point out that their cuisine comprises raw meat, vegetables, half-cooked or undercooked  ingredients can lower your immunity because the micro organisms, bacteria and viruses are not killed with that temperature virus is not killed in that temperature. 

Drinking water is roll-boiled to kill the germs in it. Because when you consume them you are in-taking the water with germs and microorganisms. 

Deep Fried food 

Foods that take time to digest such as deep fried meats or food will increase the secretion of Ama (toxins). These toxins increase the inflammation in  your body and affect your body’s immunity. You cannot consume these kinds of foods if you want to have a high immunity in your body. 


Say no to alcohol and tobacco in any form, (quit even your social drinking habits). When you drink or smoke, your lower respiratory tract catches infection and that will lead to pneumonia. In coronavirus infection, if they infect your respiratory system, it worsens and leads to death by acute renal failure.

Habituals make you to become a comfortable hosts for the infections which will ruin your life without your knowledge


Coronavirus myths are scarier than the virus. Don’t spread anything without having thorough knowledge on the case. 

The information you send out will make people make a choice about their health. If you are still in the middle of confusion about the viral outbreak, whatsapp your questions at 91 75500 23323 (general doubts on life, mental health, lifestyle, health or diet is also welcomed).

Summer is on the way guys, so stand strong till then. 

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