Know your body type & make best out of it

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Know your body type and make best out of it.
6 minute read


The title says it is about body type and you think I will convince you to follow some big diet routine, sleep routine and exercise routine.  No, I will not convince you to even read further than this introduction. So you chose whether you want to know how your body type can help you make great decisions in your career, life and relationships. 

So, you know about DNA and it is different for every individual. If you are not the same as the person sitting in front of you then how come your food habits, physical activity habits and lifestyle can be the same?

I caught you, right? 

You can never have the same lifestyle as a herd of cows. (Even they have a better lifestyle and personalized diet than we do). So when you come to this world as a unique person, you cannot fit inside a crowd and just eat sleep like everyone else. If you are doing so, you never realized your full potential. 

Now if you are curious to know your body type, take an online test for your body type, which is known as the Prakriti Test in ayurveda. The western country addresses the same in different names, but then long before itself “The science of healing” has established this art of wellness. 

Why should I know my Body type?

Body types are unique IDs. Although our DNA is different for each of us, body type can be grouped and categorized. With understanding the body type, men and women on this planet can lead a better life. 

When I joined Liveright and learnt about the Prakriti Test and body types, it thrilled me. By knowing my body type I can well at my work and relationship motivated me to change my habits. This improved my productivity, I felt more happy than ever, learnt to make better decisions in my life. 

Now if you want to know about the body type and understand their general characteristics, read further. When you know the body type, you understand where your core strength  and your weakness are. The man who knows well about his body, knows to control it and use that as his ship to the success pathway. 

Vata Body type

The people who are thin, light and have a bony structure. When you see a Vata you know it, because you would feel like we can blow them away by a wind. They dash from one place to another at lightning speed. These people have a high level of energy that keeps coming out. They can burn themselves to light up any chimney you give them. 


Body type of Vata is light in the frame with thin skin. Here are a few ways to spot a Vata body type of person.

1.Rough, thin and dry skin.

2.Lustrous eyes, but little sunken inside. 

3.Cold hands and feet.

 4.Can never stand or sit idle doing nothing. 

5.They wake up even to light noises. 

There are still many more physical references for a Vata body type. These are few physique features that are visible. 


By default Vata body type people will have so much energy. They can’t keep their mind calm. Very spontaneous in discussing ideas. Their mind keeps whirling. If you are a Vata body type person, focusing on one thing at a time is very hard for you. You will have some kind of insomnia problem because of the inability to calm your mind. 

Advantages of having a Vata Body type

1.Creative people can come up with unique, crazy solutions for problems. 

2.They can have high energy when compared to other body type people. 

3.When they set their mind into anything they will achieve it 

Biggest drawback

Lack of focus 

Gets distracted

Secret Mantra for your success 

Meditate daily morning 15 mins at least and repeat the same before you hit the bed

Add oils to your body by applying on your skin, face and hair. Splash oils in the food you consume. Don’t add oil by eating fried items, instead, add them over rice, idli or over salads. 

Taking in oil by adding them in the form of “idly podi and paruppu podi”

Add bit of sweets to your diet 

Hit your bed soon, don’t be a night owl. Take lots of rest. 

Celebrity with Vata Body Type 

Rajni Kanth is the perfect example of Vata Body type. It makes sense why he meditates a lot. When he is focussed he does miracles. By taking him as inspiration, Vata body type men and women can practice meditation and channelize their energy into their productivity. 

Pitta Body Type

One of the body type people who leaves an exceptional remark by their presence. An individual with a competitive spirit, organized and prudent with money. They have clear, radiant skin and silky hair. You can see them getting hungry even after having a great meal. It is common for them to face acidity problems. 


Body type of Pitta is average stature with a muscular frame. Here are a few ways that can help you spot Pitta body type men and women.

Ruddy skin and prone to rashes

They have brown eyeballs with a clear glare

Their hair is silky but they face premature gray and hair fall 

Impatient and gets annoyed.

Good organizer with healthy competitive spirit

These are few easy ways to identify a Pitta body type woman or man in a crowd. 


As they are good organizers by nature, they have a high focus in their mind. You can’t distract them. But beware since they are often irritable, Pitta body type people are good in managing things, handling money and structuring frameworks. They are great managers because of their ability to assemble things.  Personally in spite of their temper, I see them as a good person to rely on. 

Advantages of Pitta body type 

Since they have a competitive spirit, they have a constant growth in their life. 

Their eyes and glare makes them look attractive. 

The life skills such as handling money, sorting out things and having an organized approach makes them born leaders by nature. 

Biggest Drawback 

Impatient and gets angry

Find hard to accept solutions from others.

Faces acidity problem because of the excessive heat in their body 

Secret Mantra for your success

Your food habit will influence your mind. Try eating foods that take time to digest. Include complex carbohydrates in your diet. 

Have a physical activity in your life. You don’t have to like sweat but you could do bit of exercise daily morning before starting your day 

The improvement in your digestion and acidity problems will reduce your impatience, irritability and temper. 

Celebrity with Pitta Body Type 

Our VTV Jessi is a Pitta person. Trisha is a pitta body type woman. She is competitive, organized, clear with her thoughts and goes with the constant growth in her career too. Her skin is ruddy, and she has that cut through glare. Trisha follows a diet that includes all kinds of elements.

Kapha Body type 

The Kapha body type people are overweight, they have rigid muscular, very broad shoulders and bright skin. They are strong-built in nature, can eat & sleep well. They are bloated, slow, calm and composed. You will find them lazy. 


Kapha body type people are full of fun and everybody loves them. You can see strong limbs and white teeth.

Bright skin that feels like porcelain 

They have big beautiful eyes and a well-shaped mouth 

Calm mind with collective inner peace. 

Big frame, they are the exact opposite of the Vata body frame.

You will never miss a Kapha when you see them. It is easy to get confused between Pitta and Vata, but a Kapha is always noticeable because of their giant body.


The saints of all. A Kapha body type person can never get agitated at all. You will see them as the modern monks. They have so much patience in everything they handle. They are steady in their mind. You will see a Kapha accepting things in the way they are. They are never curious. Kapha body type people live with a flow. 

Advantages of Kapha Body Type

They can decide and hold it. 

Ability to remain calm even in the worst scenarios.

They keep what they have learnt and remember them always. 

Biggest Drawback 

The peaceful mind turns into a downside because they strike as a slow person with a careless attitude. 

Very slow by nature. If a Vata or Pitta takes 15 mins to eat, then Kapha will take like 45 mins to consume the same food. 

Excess weight makes them to move around slow 

Lethargic attitude

Secret Mantra for Kapha Body type 

Physical exertion is a must. Kapha body type people must sweat and immerse in the sweat. They need to focus on shedding down their weight 

 Their calm mind is crucial for their growth, but to forge some speed into it, they can add pungent taste into their diet. Adding up spicy foods also helps. 

Celebrity with Kapha Body Type 

Rahul Dravid, the Wall of our Indian cricket team is the living example of Kapha body type. He kept his weight under control and that proved him a progressive growth in his life. He remains calm even at the nerve wrecking matches.


If you are here reading this, I am sure you are looking for more information about how to make the best out of your body type. 

The first step is reading this article, and you have done that already. If you have not taken the Prakriti body type test, do it. So the third step is to follow the secret mantra for your body type, at least for a month. Your fourth step is to celebrate the happiness you harvest out of this 3 steps. 

Don’t you want to know your body type and frame a personalized approach to your life success?

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