Does Ayurveda Medicine Cures Coronavirus Infection? – COVID 19

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Does-Ayurveda-Medicine-Cures-Coronavirus-Infection ?
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The viral outbreak is real and the results are spiking the chart. Coronavirus in India is creating all kind outbursts. People are going mad, starting rumors and myths about the coronavirus infection.

The novel coronavirus (nCoV) tops the Google search results. It is a trending topic across the globe and our Indian Prime Minister had already issued a statement over it while the virus was in China only.

But now currently we are expecting our Modi Ji will be releasing one more update about the pandemic condition before 20.03.2020. The rumored truth about this update is predicted as “complete shutdown” and indirectly evoking 144 rule.

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Coronavirus in India was fearless at the last week of February with only 1 case as positive. But a mixed wave of emotions in India is creating coronavirus mental stress, ignorant mindset, dangerous lethargic attitude and carelessness is releasing the chain reaction firmly into India.

If anybody sneezes, coughs or even clears their throat, people become anxious.  They relate it to coronavirus fever—Wuhan Pneumonia. A calm, composed and collective mind can help you get through this undetermined viral attack. Before jumping into conclusions, understand the entire story and confirm the facts from rumors about the coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus Infection

This virus is tricky, because the early stages of the symptoms are like common cold. To summarize it, you will feel a sore throat, cough a bit, have a runny nose and get a fever. It gets worse if you have a coronavirus infection. Wait from 3 days to 2 weeks(incubation period of the coronavirus) to know if the coronavirus is in your blood.

During this period of incubation what happens? The coronavirus multiplies in your blood, changing the cells and dancing around like a mad clown in your blood circulation. If you can stop this infection from growing in your body, you can lower the risk of getting respiratory diseases and also the renal failure.

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Ayush Claims on Coronavirus Treatment 

The ministry of Ayush released an advisory claiming on how to beat the coronavirus infections. The Ayurvedic treatment of the coronavirus is misinterpreted by people. In the advisory, the solutions to prevent the infection are claimed and detailed. 

There is no definite cure to a person who is infected by the coronavirus. Treatment plan released by Ayush ministry is about preventive solutions. Unani, Ayurveda and Siddha medicines can be used to prevent yourself from getting affected by the coronavirus. 

Is there an Ayurvedic Medicine for Coronavirus Infection?

Dr. Thanikasalam Veni, a Siddha physician, proclaimed a cure for Coronavirus infection through his herbal medicine.

His treatment is likely to Herbal-Ayurvedic treatment for the coronavirus attack. Although his bold statement does not have the proof of his medicine curing the coronavirus patients.

His Ayurvedic medicine is used earlier to treat patients who had acute renal failure, dengue and liver organ failure. The success rate in curing those diseases remains good.

Since the Wuhan Pneumonia’s symptoms leads to acute renal failure, Dr. Thanikasalam Veni’s believes his cure can heal the infected people. He has also volunteered to go to Wuhan and treat the patients with his formula.

As there is no physical evidence, it is safe to say there is no medicine available at present to cure the patients who have infection of the coronavirus. 

How to know if it is a common cold or Wuhan Pneumonia?

With all the panic around the world, even if you cough because of some dust, many of you will think you got the coronavirus infection.

Before discussing further here are the symptoms of the coronavirus.

  1. Runny Nose
  2. Headache
  3. Fever
  4. Throat Infection
  5. Breathing Trouble

You cannot distinguish the first 4 symptoms from a common cold. The last symptom is a worsened condition. If you have shortness of breath along with the other said symptoms, then you should take immediate emergency measures.

To understand the shortness of breath symptom, check if you have trouble breathing if you lie down on your back and even a normal breathing will need much effort. If you experience this condition, immediately visit the hospital and get quarantine.

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Ayurvedic Treatment To Coronavirus Infection

In our earlier blog we discussed building immunity is the best way to combat this viral outbreak. And now we have our statement supporting Ayush advisory. Ayurvedic medicinal treatment for coronavirus is a supportive measure to stay free from the infection.

At LiveRight, our panel of Ayurveda doctors claims that the infection worsens if you have poor immunity.

Dr. Subhashri, our renowned Ayurveda doctor explains the Ayurvedic treatment plan which involves 3 steps

1. Prevent from getting infected by the building immunity

2. Fight the common cold infection by strengthening the immunity

3. Reduce the risk and chances of getting acute renal failure (lethal stage of the coronavirus) by boosting immunity.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Wuhan Pneumonia

1. Boil the drinking water even if you have a purifier or buy mineral watercan at your home. Buy Shadanga Paniya Kwatha churna from Ayurvedic medicine stores. Add 5g of the churna to the rolled boiled water of about 1.5litres. Let it cool down and use them as your normal drinking water. This liquid is known as “Shadanga Paniyam”

2. Personal Hygiene is a must. Don’t overlook this. Wear masks if you have to visit some crowded streets. If you find people with common cold or fever maintain a 3ft of distance from them. 

3. If you are sitting in the AC room all day, sip hot tea prepared out of lemon, honey, ginger and water. Lemon is a rich antioxidant which acts as anti-inflammatory and helps your respiratory organs to have high immunity.

Ayurvedic Remedies To Fight The Symptoms

1. Lemon Tea – Kills the sore throat removes the infection from the passageway

2. Ginger Tea – Eases your headaches caused by the respiratory infections

3. Lemon Honey Tea – Soothes your airway passage and softens your rough coughs

4. Mint Tea – Stops the runny nose and helps in easy breathing

Ayurvedic Herbs To Curb Coronavirus 

Detoxification is the important part while building the immunity. You need to keep removing the impurities from your body and keep producing new cells which are healthy by nature. Some detoxification process could be 

1. Consume fully boiled beetroot, radishes, cabbage, broccoli salad. Add salt and pepper and eat.

2. Dissolve 1-2 tsp of honey in 1 cup of herbal tea (Herbs like madhuyashti, basil, peppermint, vasa)

3. Haridra, the golden spice, commonly known as Turmeric. Add this spice in your daily meal. Drink warm turmeric-pepper milk at night to avoid catching cold and sore throat. 

4. Intake decoction (Kashayam) prepared out of Tulsi, Ginger, Pepper and Turmeric in hot water.

5. Guduchi is a herb that can heal your fever and improve immunity. Ask for “Seendhil Kodi” in Nattu Marunthu Kadai and crush them into powder. Prepare Kashayam using this powder and drink them. If you add 3 parts of water, boil till the thickness reduces to 1 part.

6. Hot Milagu and Seeragam Rasam should be in your daily diet. 


Ancient ethics have taught us prevention is better than cure.  If you have not understood this before taking a trip to China (or we will ask coronavirus to come over here) will strip the real meaning behind it.

By reading the news about coronavirus infection across social media and hearing it from offline, we see people get the fear when they are pushed to the brim of the cup. Why wait till it goes out of your hands?

It is better to be safe than to be sorry. Practice the art of wellness, build immunity and raise “The Wall” (but for good). Be it anything or coronavirus infection, medicines from Ayurveda helps you to fight anything anytime and make you stand ready.

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