Women Empowerment: What do men think about it?

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What men think about women empowerment ?
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#He for she

Does these hashtags sound familiar? 

Well, these are some top hashtags of the women empowerment movement in the past decade. 

These hashtags make me happy as a female, but miserable as a fellow human being. People twist feminism. It is pathetic to watch certain people depicting men as “monsters”

Is it true that males are domineering?

You answer based on your experience. This question cannot have a factual or scientific answer, although many of the “revolutionists” (feminists) justify their answers based on science, facts and statistics.

Women empowerment is not about WhatsApp status messages or Instagram posts. It is a course of action with prolonged efforts. When you look back at the past, the female movement has got better and better. 

At present, modern women are living the dream of the Tamil poet “Bharathiyar”. The legend’s bold statements about “Puthumai Penn”  have become true. Equality, feminism, empowerment are not just mere words anymore. With the current growth ratio, IMF estimates that equal participation of women in the workforce will increase India’s GDP by 27 percent.

But still the myth about men being dominating is not dead. To find the answer, LiveRight got candid with men to find out what do they think about “women empowerment”

In this post, it is my pleasure to pen down the top 4 qualities that men admire the most in women. Here are a few responsible words from the men who are celebrating.

Woman achievements are very common  

Pradeep Kumar, the business development  manager of Odorite —the safe-cleaning solutions for the planet, pets and people, believes women should stop demanding the so called “women privileges”. Instead, he says to grab it with no hesitation or fear. 

His vision about women is like a burning passion, and we can sense the “equality” in his words. 

“Everyone groups women with some stereotypical thoughts based on their own perceptions. Every woman is different in terms of emotions, capability, thought process etc. Women and men have physical differences but they are the same.

We always portray women’s success as “aliens came to earth”. First, we should think achievement of women is not uncommon. Women are born natural winners, they have a tendency to read, observe, listen and make informed decisions. It is very common, and every woman can do that. This is what real women empowerment”

He insists that making achievements of women so common will influence every female to climb the ladder of success without unwanted preconceived notions. It is easy for the woman to do the same things that men do. We agree with his words because he believes in removing the mindset that woman achievement is easy. 

Women are contributors

Srinivasan, director of Ram-Nath & Co—the chemical trading company, fascinated by the women’s contribution towards life. It stuns him because women keep giving anything and everything that life demands from them.  

He quotes, 

“She is Smart, Sensitive, Efficient and Courageous. They are powerful contributors. Women show consistent success at every stage of their life. Donning multiple roles and carrying out responsibilities again and again shows their endurance capability. The success of the society is when it has constant offerings from all dimensions. When given equal amounts of opportunities women can bring glory to our society.”

Well said by him. Women have been giving so much to everyone around them. It reminds me of the times during the world war, when women filled in the vacant positions created by the men who left for war. It is in women’s nature to step up and serve when it is mandatory. If we open the doors without gender bias, imagine the bestowments they can bring to the table. 

She is the “Shakthi”

Amit Goswami, CEO of NRight, Animal and Human nutrition company, talks about the power within the women. 

His statement about women goes like, 

“Every female is powerful because of their infinite mental strength to accept all kinds of challenges they come across in their life since childhood in their various roles they play as daughters, sisters, spouse, mother, colleague and so on. 

Society needs to acknowledge and respect this immense power in Women as “Shakti”.  This could be the very first step in the process of women’s empowerment. Realizing her potential and creating exposure for her will help build a better environment in our society.”

It was a pleasure to hear his words. In fact his words are acknowledgement of women’s empowerment. Females need not seek empowerment, they should just grab it.  She is the power and she can do whatever she wants to do. 

Women are great problem solvers

 Hariharan, General Manager of Finance, Ram-Nath & Co, praises women for their problem-solving skills. He recollects his memories of his wife and mother, showing him unique solutions to all of his confusions. 

His words go like, 

“Men think women are problematic but they are solution givers. It took me a while to understand this, but once I found the essence of their decision-making skills, it is hard to not depend on them. Even at our office, we hand over the complex issues to female workers because they can simplify things.”

Decision making is a crucial part of life and women can take advantage of this because of their high emotional intelligence. There is an epic story about the female poet “Avvaiyar” who stopped a war between kings just by talking to them. Women can solve problems for everyone. 

Modern Women 

It was a pleasure to interact with Ganapathy, General Manager of Sales, Ram-Nath & Co because he brings out a trendy thought to the women empowerment concept. He pointed not only to the current generation’s confidence and passion but also astounded by the boldness they have. 

His vision is simple and reliable, 

“There is nothing for us to teach or tell to the younger generation. They have so many ideas, energy and strategies to knock all the opportunities for success. We are happy to have them and learn from them. Modern women have the artistic touch of tradition infused with innovative thoughts.”

His words are standing clear that men don’t discriminate against women at any point. They are here to support and learn from us. 


I take so much pride in interviewing these men. They are giving the new touch to the statement “Men will always be men”. Maybe it is time to stop, listen to them and understand what they are trying to say.

Let us pause and say thank you to every man around you for making the world a safe place and still thriving to make it more safe for us. Being a woman begins from understanding the differences between the genders and embracing the strengths. 

Instead of seeking the empowerment of women with an arrogant attitude, asking it with confidence and gentleness is more beautiful. 

On women’s day, it is our duty, the proud females to understand that the art of being a woman is more than fighting for rights or equality. 

Tell men “Thank You”,  first, 

Notice the difference later

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