How to Use Nalpamaradi Thailam For Your Skin Type ?

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Nalpamaradi Thailam is a classical varnya thailam—skin brightening oil—from Ayurveda. If you know how to use it for your skin type, you can see benefits faster than you imagine.
9 minute read

Attaining a flawless skin is like the “sour grapes” story. There is desire, need, and yearning, yet one gives up like the fox in that story. Everyday morning, when you stand in front of the mirror, you zoom in and out every patch of your face and skin, wishing that they disappear just like that. A clear face with no spots is looks almost impossible without depending on cosmetic treatments.

Also, the reality of skincare is applying each type of cleanser and face pack without being consistent and careful. Most of us even don’t have time for that too. If you are hustling all day and wondering if there is a safe way to take care of your skin problems, try Nalpamaradi Thailam. 

Nalpamaradi Thailam, a classical varnya thailam—skin brightening oil—from Ayurveda is one-stop for people who don’t have time for their skincare but looking for excellent results. This herbal formula was written 6000 years ago by Acharyas, and is now a show stopper in many Ayurveda skincare treatments.  

From ingredients to preparation procedure, Nalpamaradi Thailam is toxic-free, chemical-free, and full of goodness. You can fix all skin troubles with the 15 herbal  ingredients present in it. The best part in using Nalpamaradhi Thailam is you don’t have to worry about side-effects on your skin. An additional benefit is it helps you to save thousands of dollars on your on skincare products. 

Although Nalpamaradi Thailam is a one-stop solution to many skin problems and skin brightening treatment, it’s ineffective if you don’t know how to use it for your skin type. It helps to restore your skin to its original texture and tone, when used correctly.

Ayurveda Skin Types Based On Prakriti

Just like body types, Ayurveda have skin types which can help you find the right choice of products and skincare routines. Fire, Water, Air and Ether (space) are the four elements that make up your body and mind—i.e Prakriti. These same elements also adhere to determining your skin type too. When one element is imbalanced, it results in adverse effects on your skin—Dosha Imbalance.

You can do simple self-diagnose tests to determine your skin type or take an online Prakriti test to find your skin type. The Prakriti test gives you a bigger picture of your skin texture, daily habits,  things you eat every day, and your emotional state. Prakriti helps you to make a wise decision while opting for a skincare.

Nalpamaradi Thailam For Dry Skin – Vata Dosha Skin

Having a dry skin feels like living in a desert. You would crave to bathe your skin with lotion always. An imbalance in Vata Dosha leads to the downside of having dry skin. When the Vata energy is restored to the optimal level, the dry skin has an olive tone, shine, is young and looks attractive.

One of the common bad habits of dry skin people is washing their face often, which is not recommended by skincare experts. The frequent washing makes your skin drier and drier. It becomes dull because of the lack of moisture in it, i.e. natural oil (sebum). Sebum is essential to keep yourself and the skin hydrated. Lack of enough oil in your skin triggers itchiness, inflammation and in worst cases eczema.  Dry skin people also suffer from psoriasis because of the formation of dead cells at a faster rate. 

Nalpamaradi Thailam is your best every-day-go-to cleanser since it nourishes your skin with Vitamin-D. Dry skins are flaky by nature, so choosing  Nalpamaradi with Tila Thaila base is safe. Tila Thaila, commonly known as sesame oil, soothes your skin, reduces the heat and adds a glow to your skin tone.

Challenges Of Dry Skin

  • Exfoliating dead cells 
  • Skin hydration from inside  
  • Replenishing the pores with natural oil 
  • Controlling the skin disorders such as skin peeling or scaling.

How to use Nalpamaradhi Thailam?

Direction Of Use : Take 1-2 spoons of Nalpamaradi Thailam, apply them evenly on your face, covering the cheeks, forehead, nose and neck. Massage your face using your fingers in an upward direction avoiding any direct contact of nails on your face or skin—causes pain and infection. Let it sit on your face or skin for 15 mins – 30 mins and then wash with oil based soaps—Nalpamaradi Soap and Almond Oil Soap.

Use Daily : Dry Skin people can use Nalpamaradi Thailam twice a day. It acts as a cleansing agent for your skin.  If you use Nalpamaradi Thailam and Nalpamaradi Soap together, you will feel your complete body is moisturized without the need of any lotion. Excessive dryness during the monsoon and winter leads to skin disorders eczema—inflamed, itchy, cracked, and rough skin. You need to be careful with your skin during these weather changes and not skip your massage routine.

Benefits Of Nalpamaradhi Thailam

  • Udumbara, the medicinal herb in Nalpamaradi Thailam, helps in treating the worn-out skin by balancing the aggravated Vata—the reason for excessive dryness.
  • The cooling agents Sevya and Chandana, smoothens the Vata Skin by aiding in hydration. 
  • The toxins, impurities and dead cells are scrubbed mildly without causing excessive dryness because of the presence of Ashwattha herb (Peepal Tree).
  • Controls the increased dryness with the Tila Thailam present in Nalpamaradi Thailam. It helps in curing the itchiness, skin peeling and scaling, thereby your skin attains a natural glow.


Tip : Avoid using multani base facepacks. Go for milk, curd or papaya based facepacks

Nalpamaradi Thailam For Pitta Skin – Sensitive Skin 

Imbalanced, aggravated or accumulated Pitta Dosha leads to symptoms like itchy, redness, and harsh blemishes on your skin, along with internal symptoms—acidity, heartburn, and mental adverse effects—inflated ego, lack of rationality.

When you have sensitive skin, you become a very finicky person and run like a headless chicken even for a small pimple. It also adds up your mental stress since sensitive skin requires additional care and protection.

You should know that Pitta Skin type is sensitive to climate, environment and food. Opting in for Nalpamaradi Thailam is a safe way to solve numerous skin problems for your skin and achieve an even-tone. 

By balancing your Pitta energy, your skin glows with a nice touch of baby red and yellow hue. It is basically a radiating late-evening sky—warm, gentle and sparkling.

Challenges of Sensitive Skin

  • Protect the delicate and intricate texture. 
  • Prevent damages from toxins, impurities and sun rays with no side-effects.
  • Controlling skin disorders like harsh blemishes, eczema and herpes
  • Finding a safe, non-toxic and chemical free skincare products

How to use Nalpamaradhi Thailam?

1.As a cleanser : For a sensitive skin, Nalpamaradi Thailam can do both cleansing and sun-protection. Everyday morning, take ½ spoon of Nalpamaradi Thailam and massage it on your face, arms and feet. Use gentle strokes when you are massaging your face and let it rest only for 10 minutes and wash them using a soft cleanser that doesn’t contain sulphate or paraben.

2. As a detan : To protect yourself from sun-tan and sun-burn, mix Nalpamaradi Thailam with small amounts of rice flour and scrub on your tanned area. Wash them in lukewarm water and pat dry.

3. In Daily Routine : Use Nalpamaradi Thailam before you get into shower every morning. At night after using Nalpamaradi Thailam, apply some night creams or KumKumadhi Thailam that you can leave overnight. Since Nalpamaradi Thailam removes all the toxins, the night cream or serum can work its way from inside out. 

Benefits Of Nalpamaradhi Thailam

  • Your skin needs deep detoxification to keep the skin disorders at bay. Manjistha herb in the Nalpamaradi thailam promotes skin detoxification and also purifies the blood. Also, turmeric, the anti-inflammatory agent, controls all the oxidative stress in your skin, protecting and promoting a brightness to your skin. 
  • The Triphala group-Haritaki, Bibhitaka, Amalaki helps to control any negative impact on your skin because weather change protects the skin cells from oxidative damage and combats the inflammation.
  • Since there are no known side-effects, Nalpamaradi Thailam is safe on sensitive skin.


Tip: Adopt soft skincare routines like mild cleansing, gentle exfoliation and smooth moisturizing to prevent any skin allergic reactions. Nalpamaradi Thailam possesses antibacterial and antiseptic herbs that can protect your sensitive skin from toxins, pollution and allergants.

Nalpamaradi Thailam For Kapha Skin – Oily Skin 

When your skin is oily, holding on to a handkerchief or a tissue becomes a common habit. It is a real pain to apply makeup and protect it throughout the day from watering down like niagara. On the other hand, a well maintained oily skin looks glossy, plumpy and porcelain texture. It’s a real joy to touch a balanced Kapha skin.

The heavy oil secretion is the first symptom of aggravated Kapha energy and your skin suffers from pimples and acne breakouts. When left untreated, they turn into dark spots and can lead to hyperpigmentation. To restore Kapha energy you should work upon your diet and exercise  along  Nalpamaradi Thailam Skin Care.

There is also a misconception that oily skin should not apply oil on their face. But an oil massage reduces the pimple occurrences, balances Kapha Dosha and retains the skin with porcelain texture, glow, and it looks lustrous to any eyes. 

Challenges of Oily Skin

  • Control excess oil secretion without losing moisture 
  • Maintaining the natural shine, glow and smoothness 
  • Avoiding acne and pimple breakouts 
  • Prevent skin disorders such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots and acne scars

How to use Nalpamaradhi Thailam ?

Direction Of Use : Apply ½ spoon of Nalpamaradi Thailam on the dark spot areas, massage them using your fingers and let it sit on your skin from 5-10 minutes. (Don’t leave them over 10 minutes) Wash them with a foam or liquid cleanser. Once wiped off, please use a multani base facepack and wash them after it gets dry. Please apply a very thin layer of moisturizer.

Weekly Routine : Use Nalpamaradi Thailam weekly thrice. It controls the excess oil secretion, unclogs the pores and removes the dead cells. When you are stepping out during summer, use Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam (the coconut oil base) and on winter days opt in for Nalpamaradi Tila Thailam (the sesame oil base)

Benefits Of Nalpamaradhi Thailam

  • The turmeric present in the Nalpamaradi Thailam will aid in unclogging the pores and removing the infection. Face packs will help you reduce the excess sebum secretion on your face, keeping it with natural glow.
  • It is enriched with the juices and extracts of Amla that helps in reducing the hyper pigmentation. When the pigmented areas are treated with Nalpamaradhi Thailam, the skin gets the glow and brightness.
  • Since Nalpamaradi thailam is antibacterial, it controls the formation of pus which leads to the breakouts of acne or pimples. In case, if your skin feels too oily, limit the usage to weekly once or twice. 


Tip : Diet is a must to maintain oily skin. You should intake lots of green vegetables, fruits and stews to avoid your skin getting bloated or clogged. If you are a dessert lover, switching to palm sugar or jaggery based sweets is a safe choice. 

Nalpamaradi Thailam For Combination Skin 

A combination of skin is tricky because it requires extra efforts to seal the unique texture and tone. Any two dosha combination leads to a combination of skin. The types vary from 

  • Oily + Dry – Kapha-Vata Skin
  • Dry + Sensitive – Vata-Pitta Skin 
  • Sensitive + Oily  – Pitta-Kapha Skin

It is like having twins, but not identical. The efforts need to be doubled and receive skincare routines after consulting experts.

Challenges of Combination Skin

  • Maintaining a balanced amount of dryness and oil 
  • Finding skincare products that suits to their skin texture 
  • Preventing allergic conditions and inflammation 
  • Understanding their unique skin tone and nature

How To Use Nalpamaradhi Thailam?

1.Kapha-Vata Skin (Oily + Dry Skin) : You can reduce exfoliating or scrubbing the skin to monthly twice because weekly scrubbing can cause excessive dryness. You can opt for Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam for your body and Nalpamaradhi Tila Thailam for face. Instead of using multani or besan flour face packs, try fruit face packs to help keep the moisture without excess oil secretion. Use moisturizers that are medium thick to lock the pores with nutrients. Avoid any chemical based soaps or body wash, it will lead to itchiness. 

2.Vata – Pitta Skin (Dry + Sensitive Skin) : Use Nalpamaradhi Thailam twice a day for cleansing. Along with the thailam, use face packs or scrubbers can be a blend of besan flour, curd and a touch of turmeric that helps to control the inflammation caused by your sensitive side of the skin. Don’t go out in the sun without sunscreen. Take 3 drops of sesame oil, and apply them on your face, wait for 10 minutes and now you can apply your regular makeup. The thin layer of sesame oil acts as a protect your skin from sun damages.

3.Pitta – Kapha Skin (Sensitive + Oily Skin) : Use Nalpamaradhi Kera Tailam during the summer to avoid redness and rashes. Go for the Tila thaila version during winter to control skin breakouts. Limit the massage to weekly thrice and don’t leave them on the skin for over 10  minutes. It is very important to hold your oil secretion at a threshold level. So, go for semi-dry facepacks . Including redsandalwood or sandalwood in your facepacks can help control burns, rashes and inflammation. 

Benefits Of Nalpamaradhi Thailam  

Nalpamardhi Thailam contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help in reducing your skin’s internal inflammation. Combination skin needs to maintain their oil a reasonable amount without making skincare routines to cause excess oil secretion. It is essential to take care of the breakouts too because that brings eczema.

Massaging Nalpamaradi Thailam weekly thrice is the ideal choice to maintain the combination skin. This helps in balancing the skin’s unique texture and tone. It also helps in bringing out the natural glow to your skin.


Tip : Divide your week equally to make efforts for both the sides of your skin. When you care for 3 days to take care of your dryness, then give the rest week for the oily part of your skin. The skincare routine for combination skin needs to be about balancing. 


Nalpamaradi Thailam is a proven skincare product that has healed many people’s skin from the inside. But there are many who have felt that the oil isn’t for them. Any product can perform well when you use it in the right way. 

Imagine driving the audi car like a race car?

It doesn’t sit well right?

Using skincare products also can serve you pain or perk depending on your mode of usage. Understand your skin before trying out any product. 

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