What should you know before intaking Ayurvedic Medicine?

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Since the time Corona made its appearance, common people like you and me turned into health freaks overnight. At  every step, we made sure our faces wore masks, hands sanitized thoroughly, bags carrying Kabasura shots and plates loaded with healthy diets. 

People wanted to be 100% sure and were reluctant to go side-ways. Peculiarly, Indians and Asians moved to a traditional system of medicines that had zero fatality rate during the pandemic. Also in India, Siddha and Ayurveda ranked high in recovering COVID-19 patients without complications. 

If you were one among those recent ayurveda lovers, then this post will be your go-to guide in understanding the fundamentals of ayurveda medicine and its physiological properties.

Ayurveda Medicine Benefits 

The medicines from the Ayurveda system treat the damaged host cells. When viruses, infectious substances or inflammation causing agents enter your body, ayurveda medicine enhances the strength of your body cells to fight these antigens. 

Also, the drugs have no artificial molecules present; safe treatment. The top 4 benefits of Ayurveda Medicines are:

1.No adverse effects 

2.Safe & High Potent long-term-intake

3.Safe Drug Metabolism  

4.Personalized treatment approach 

Ayurveda medicines are a blend of panchamahabhuta and tridosha (environmental science and human biology). We humans live, practice, and breed in the environment around; it is made or evolved out of panchamahabhuta. You are part of a growing ecosystem which proves the strong compatibility between your body and nature.

Also, Ayurveda physicians prescribe medicines in the form of classical & proprietary combination—a set of drugs customized based on your Prakriti. There is no single drug or one-size fits all formula. The medicine works fashionably to boost the immune power of the damaged cells.

Because of zero adverse effects, you can intake them as a daily supplement to manage chronic conditions or lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, arthritis, GERD, PCOS, hypothyroidism and skin diseases.  They not only keep the symptoms of these ailments at bay but gradually remove the oxidative stress in the cells, prevent the condition from worsening, and restore the body’s natural potency.

The ancient herbal medicine is the flag bearer of personalized treatment since it reduces the susceptibility of serious adverse effects. The first step of the treatment is to analyze the disproportionate of the five energy levels—fire, water, air, space and ether, the primary atoms of physiological functions. The treatment flows based on the results of this intermittent analysis.

KNOW AYURVEDA : What is a safe drug metabolism?

Drug metabolism is the biotransformation of the pharmaceutical substance in your body for easy elimination of the infections in your body. When you eat food, the macromolecules are broken down into energy cells that provide the necessary entities for your growth, movement and stamina. Herbal supplements or medicines also undergo the same process and release the molecules that possess medicinal properties. Herbs, the whole molecule, consists of numerous extracts offering a balanced treatment. It brings holistic treatment through localized targeting, enhancing the body cells around the damaged area and protecting the rest of the body from the infection being spread.

How much time Ayurveda medicine takes to work?

After treating many cases for more than 12+ years, Dr.Subashri confirms, “Nevertheless taking zero efforts in altering the diet, lifestyles or sleeping pattern, the drug takes about 3 to 4 hours to show any form of effects in the body, provided your condition is at onset.” 

Dinacharyam is the guiding principle of Ayurveda treatment; your food, sleep and lifestyle determines the impact of the herbal medicines. The seriousness of the condition also plays a vital role in the medicine receptivity. 

You can help your body with active energy molecules through nutritious food, healthy habits and a sound sleep to feel the medicine responsiveness quickly. The more your body receives goodness the faster it heals. 

Does Ayurvedic medicine have an expiry date?

Yes the herbs and the lehyams have expiration. 

Everytime you purchase ayurveda medicines check for the manufacturing date, expiry date and the seal. 

Since they are prepared with natural edible items, they do rot just like our vegetables and fruits. The drug manufacturing comprises traditional methods which makes the medicine highly potent only for a certain period of the time. In general all herbal medicines have a shell life of 3-5 years more or less. However asava, arista and ghrita preparations have no expiry.

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Where to buy ayurvedic medicines – Online & Offline Stores 

In the past decade, offline stores weren’t popular since Ayurveda pharma didn’t have enough reach. In 2010, tractions for online Ayurvedic medicine started. The pandemic provided an opportunity for the classical herbal drugs to adopt the online shopping trends;nowadays lots of Ayurvedic medicine are being delivered at your doorstep. 

However, few medicines require a doctor’s prescription, so before placing an order at an online store, get a consultation from an ayurveda doctor.

The top 5 online Ayurvedic Medicines for personal care and healthcare 






Jiva Ayurveda 


Side effects of Ayurveda medicines 

Acute side-effects happen on rare occasions. Although the herbs are 100% natural you might face slight inconvenience till your body metabolism adjusts to medicine. Minor side-effects like diarrhea, nauseous and headache occur depending on your current immunity level. (digestive fire and metabolism rate)

But reducing dosages, intaking them in the forms of powder, and receiving detox treatments like Panchakarma can eliminate them and align your metabolism. 

How to use Ayurveda medicines?

Preventive dosage : 

Ayurveda medicine aids preventive treatment with help of restoring the body’s defense against infections. Preventive dosage acts as a daily supplement for your body. 

Therapeutic dosage :

Therapeutic dosages are prescribed by the ayurveda physicians after analyzing your dosha and digestive fire strength (agni bala) for the prevailing health condition. They are focussed in treating and curing the diseases present in your body. 

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Ayurveda, a form of medicine, is here to enhance your life. The quality of the life is determined with the non-materialistic satisfaction you attain. To become the most happiest person you need to live your life to the fullest with no constraints on physical or mental health. Thus, aligning towards ayurveda medicine, tasting the rich benefits of the same, needs to come from a strong lifestyle changes done along with the medicines.

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