Ayurvedic Treatment For Acne : Solve Your Internal Hormonal Imbalance

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ayurvedic treatment for acne due to hormonal imbalance
5 minute read

How to not give up on getting blemish-free skin?

Acne is your common annoying neighbor who refuses to go away. In the past decade, acne skin disorders became part of adulting in the age group (both male and female)25-45; given the complete lifestyle change, increased pollution, and worsened climate conditions. 

The worst part is the tiresome journey where you try one product after another; spend so many hours and money on treatments that don’t give the result you desire or expected results. 

Acne has also become a marketing business model to many cosmetic companies to sell their products with so many fancy health jargon like acid routines, turmeric magic, and chemical-free OTC drugs. 

Is acne that worse?

Yes, it is !!

Acne affects your social life, confidence, and ability to feel good. 

8 out of 10 reported acne marks led to developing secondary skin disorders like inflamed skin, itchiness, irritability, and long term acne vulgaris. So, acne is a life problem, and you need to make an informed decision, at least from now. 

In this blog post, I will guide you to identify the real reason behind your acne, how to choose your own essential skincare products to prevent acne from worsening. With these two insights, you can also figure out suitable treatment procedures & prevent acne popping again in the future.

The Science behind Your Acne  

Acne is a small to medium-sized bump or lump that forms on the skin because of the clogged skin pores underneath the epidermis.

How Acne form?

Your skin cells are made of pores, a hair follicle, and a sebaceous gland. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum, natural oil that helps your skin with lubrication prevents dryness, and gives a silky texture. 

The secreted oil, via hair follicle, reaches your epidermis and the skin pores secrete them on the top of your skin. When this oil is overloaded, you feel that greasiness on your face and skin. 

When the sebum is blocked from coming out through pores, it accumulates, stays underneath your epidermis, starts to form as a big pimple, sometimes infected. 

Dosha & Acne Formation 

Imbalanced dosha is one of the most primary causes for acne formation. The dosha imbalance occurs due to various habits, environment and genetic make up. Acne forms in specific zones depending upon the type of dosha imbalance. 

Vata Dosha imbalance leads to acne formation on the T-zone and forehead. 

Kapha Dosha imbalance develops acne around the chin, mouth. The hyperpigmentation around the upper lip and lower lip is a result of imbalance Kapha. The common acne formation is on cheeks and around the nose, which is a sign of imbalance Pitta in the body.

Ayurvedic treatment for acne due to hormonal imbalance corrects your everyday routines, bad habits, food and snacks you prefer, and sleep routines. 

Primary Causes for Acne Formation 

The main reason for acne is clogged skin pores. The substances that block your skin pores are all, 

  1. Bacteria 
  2. Dead Skins 
  3. Toxins & Impurities 
  4. Over Oil Production

Types of acne

There are actually two types of acne which further subdivided into four. You can see below the types of acne and how they affect your skin. 

  1. Whiteheads are a type of acne that forms when dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria are trapped within one of your pores.
  2. Blackheads are formed when dead skin cells and oils accumulate in the opening of the skin follicle.
  3. Pustules form when a blocked pore gets infected. They are caused by hormonal changes in the body, allergies, insect bites. They are usually found in clusters. 
  4. Papules form when oil or excess dead skin cells block a pore and mix with bacteria on your skin called Cutibacterium acnes or C. acnes.
  5. Nodular acne forms when types of bacteria called P. acnes that live on the skin get trapped inside the clogged pore.
  6. Cyst acne can result from a combination of bacteria, oil, and dry skin cells that get trapped in your pores and occur in oily skin.

Ayurveda Dosha Imbalance & Acne Types 

  • Pitta – more prone type where the acne is red, inflamed and painful with mild to moderate pus.
  • Kapha – as the oil content is more its large papules and deep-rooted and more prone for pus
  • Vata – dry with very little pus and becomes dry black heads  not very painful

How to treat your acne with Ayurveda?

There are four steps while treating your acne using Ayurveda, without adverse effects. 

  1. Unclog the pores 
  2. Balance the pH 
  3. Remove the acne marks
  4. Balance the internal hormone

Unclog the pores

Unclogging the pores should not only remove the dead skin or the toxins but should not lead to excessive skin dryness. 

Using blackhead strips to abrasively remove the pores will leave chronic damage to your skin texture. If you use OTC chemical drugs to unclog or kill the bacteria, your skin is prone to age faster. Also, scrubbing with intense acid-based drugs forms wrinkles when you are very young. Remember not to de-stabilize your skin health while trying to fix one small pimple. 

Pick wise choices like scrubbing with natural oils, herbal waters, and Ayurveda powders. This will give a safe way of removing the pores and prevents you from getting the acne back. Also, Ayurveda’s way of unclogging your acne pores will prevent them from worsening.  

  1. Remove the dead cells that clog the pores using gentle cleansers that do not contain harsh chemicals. The OTC products help as till you use them and acne comes back once you stop them and they also dry out your skin. Ayurveda provides oil cleansers, herbal cleansers like Nalpamaradi Thailam which exfoliates gently your skin and shedding your skin. 
  2. Use red sandalwood face pack or Multani base face pack to remove the excess oil that blocks the skin pores. This will also provide an excellent way to unclog the pore without spreading nearby. 

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Balance the pH 

The inflammatory acne develops because of the infection in the clogged pore. So, it is essential to maintain your skin pH so that your acne does not form any pus. Inflammatory acne is very common because nowadays the eating trend is full of junk food only. Your skin pH gets altered due to changes in hormones, poor sleep, and lifestyle choices. It is essential to have a mixed approach to treat the pH of your skin 

  1. Apply herbal facial oil or herbal night serum on your washed face every night. KumKumadi Thailand is one of the best ways to bring back your pH to normal and also reduce the pigmentation caused on the skin. 
  2. Use cotton pads or clean fiber cloth dipped in the Neem oil to massage in circular motions.
  3. Drink herbal medicated water to cleanse your body inside and stabilize your hormones. Depending upon your body type, your medicated water will change. So consult the doctor before going for this. 
  4. Avoid sour food because they have alkaline nature which in turn disturbs your skin pH. Your Ayurveda doctor will give Pathya Ahara to maintain your pH based on the imbalanced dosha. 

Remove Acne Marks & Scars with Abhyangam

Abhyangam keeps your acne at bay forever. Abhyangam is the morning roll call of your brain, cells, and the whole body. If you do this one thing, you don’t need anything else in your skincare routine. 

Pick the correct Thailam based on your skin type and massage your face and whole body every morning. Let it rest on your skin for 10-20 minutes and have a happy shower. 

If you use Nalpamaradi Thailam for your abhyanga, then your clogged pores also will be cleared. It is a two in one shot. 

Balance Your Internal Hormone 

Most of the acne resurfacing issues comes only from your harmful way of eating, dirty pillow covers and sleepless nights. To avoid the acne coming back to your skin, ayurveda slowly changes your whole lifestyle according. 

By analyzing your Prakriti and the dosha imbalance, customised diet charts will be advised along with some internal cleansing methods. This will keep your hormones happily away from your skin. 

Ayurvedic treatment for acne due to hormonal imbalance will include pathya aahara, dinacharyam for 45 days and massage treatments to rejuvenate your skin from inside out. Based on the dosha your diet, sleep, habits and products are advised after a skincare consultation form our experts. 


Acne can be a big trouble but you don’t have to necessarily worry about it if you align your skincare routine. 

When acne comes out for the first time, avoid touching your face. This one primary and foremost reason will stop the rest 99 problems associated with it. 

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