Balance the Vata Dosha : Stress Management

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Vata, the king of dosha, is a toddler and the reason for stress. If you can balance Vata energy in your body and mind, the chances of stress and depression are reduced to a low level.
Balance the Vata Dosha : Stress Management
8 minute read

When a small kid is hyperactive, it is a pure annoyance. But when that kid is very quiet, we miss its innocence. 

Vata is a combination of air and ether packed with a dynamic movement like a 2-5 year old toddler. When it is absent, you are a sloth, ultimately triggering the Kapha dosha also. At present high, you are always running, chaotic, restless, doing more but nothing productive. 

Both the cases are also an early sign of stress development, depression and mental disorders.  

In this blog post, you can learn how to pacify the Vata dosha to destress the prolonged stress accumulation. 

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How Vata Dosha is connected to Stress?

The air and ether are responsible for movements. A balance of both creates the path towards the future. When they are not synchronized in alignment with your Prakriti state, it leads to stress. 

Vata dosha affects the nervous system, brain and sensory organs. Vata energy controls your behavior with others, perceiving things, and a catalyst to improve the other energy balance in the body. 

Example: An imbalanced Vata will have poor venous return in the body (not enough oxygen in the blood) and provokes cardiac arrests, decreased metabolism, disintegrated mind, dull attitude. The root cause, in this case, can be a regular poor lifestyle, unhealthy diet, or exposure to on-going psychological traumatic events. 

Usually, a Vata dominant Prakriti person will be a persuasive person by nature, who can nudge you regularly without annoying you. This quality makes them lively conversationalists and open-minded humans. While the in-balance Vata drives this persuasion energy towards success, the out-of-balance Vata utilizes the energy in the irritating way. High levels of stress because of Vata dosha can make you destroy relationships with others. 

Ayurveda stress management offers solutions to treat the stress disorders like insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, palpitations, dullness, emotional detachment, and other Vata dosha stress problems. 

So, Ayurveda stress management begins by identifying the root cause for the high Vata imbalance and then addressing them with therapies or ayurvedic medicines. The natural way to relieve the stress is to find the ultimate cause of the issue, then correct that first. 

How does Ayurveda Stress Management work for Vata Dosha?

To reduce the stress levels that are caused by the Vata dosha requires strategies that focus on

Body: The body governs physiological functions like metabolism, excretion, reproduction, breathing, growth, and physical evolution. The physical symptoms of stress such as weight loss, headaches, joint pains are experienced by your body. So it is a must to care for it. 

Mind: The mind is responsible for hormonal balance in every gland to regulate the physiological functions without causing any disruptions that might reflect on your behavior. The effects of stress on the mind are overwhelming. You will experience nightmares, panic attacks, fear, frustrations, and emotional outbursts. 

Soul: The soul is the connecting line of the body and mind, governing the hormones, fluids, tissues, sensory organs, and nervous system. It helps to keep us in tune with our own self-intuition. When distress happens, you will lack spontaneity and instincts. 

Stress Symptoms of Vata Dosha 

People who are stressed because of Vata dosha show symptoms that are overly self-critical and erratic. When the air is disturbed, it brings an unpredictable hurricane. Whereas, the ether creates more absence of other elements like fire, water, and earth. 

Pacify the Vata Dosha In Body 

Aggravated Vata dosha results in dry skin, dry scalp, unintentional weight loss, insomnia, dark circles, farting, gas, joint pains, increased internal inflammation on joints. To pacify the stress that results in physical symptoms, the nutritional guidelines—Vata pacifying diet—are essential.

Insomnia Ayurveda Treatment 

Sleepless Vata is a trademark symptom of stress. Vata Prakriti people enjoy only roughly a 4-hour sleep. When the energy goes out of balance, even a four-hour sleep is not possible for them. They cannot get into a deep sleep. 

Scrolling mobile, rolling all the way to the bed, engaging in some thought processes are quite common during bedtime. The best sleep medicine for Vata dosha is Ashwagandha milk or ogestern lehyam. They both can regulate their sleep to normal levels. 

Insomnia can be cured with evening self-abhyanga too. When you massage yourself with thick, hydrating oils like almond oil, argan oil, sesame oil, or thick coconut butter every evening or before going to bed, it calms the brain nerves and prepares you for sleep. 

When you self-massage it triggers the grounding elements like earth, water, and fire into your body. Relaxing the muscles and the nerves is one of the best ways in Ayurveda to treat insomnia. It also destresses the body from prolonged oxidative stress in the nerves and joints. 

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Home remedies for Joint Pains 

Joint pain around the neck, fingers, and knee is also a physical symptom of stress. Vata dosha causes internal inflammation in the joints which can result even in arthritis. 

Food is one of the best ways to avoid, manage and relieve joint pain in a natural way. 

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Ayurveda Relief For Palpitations 

Morning palpitations, the worst symptom of stress is habitual for elevated Vata dosha. Palpitations also release negative effects on the mind. It damages intuition, decision-making skills and leads to insecurities. The best way to naturally relieve palpitations is by intaking water-rich vegetables at least once a day. The dry air, if balanced with water, can help to ease off the racing heart. 

Another way to relieve anxiety and stress naturally is by practicing the earthing technique. When you have high Vata, you hate to be touched or touch anybody. You will often say “I need space”. This is a result of high levels of anxiousness. 

To reduce this,

  1. Cut down the caffeine
  2. Intake warm ginger tea without milk every morning
  3. Drink Muskmelon or watermelon juice weekly once
  4. Spend 20 minutes outdoors after waking up
  5. Bathe in a hot shower on the days of palpitations 
  6. Don’t skip breakfast 
  7. Eat at least one fruit daily 
  8. Apply coconut oil around the eyes before going to bed 
  9. Stay away from mobile for 90 minutes before and after bed 
  10. Create more empty spaces in your room, shelves, and cupboards. Try to have everything arranged in order

Pacify the Vata Dosha In Mind 

A Vata mind is one of the smarty pants that usually controls you. It is very hard for the Vata people to control their minds with consciousness. The best way to remove the accumulated stress in the mind is by tricking it. 

The stressed mind has dry, sporadic, and fantasizing thoughts. Every thought will only stay in the mind and the lack of fire, water, and earth energy will result in an inability to put them into action. This again accumulates frustration in the mind. This triggers the symptoms of anxiety, scattered thoughts, headaches, excessive adrenaline, and many other hormone imbalances.  

To reduce the stress in Vata’s mind, you should include or depend on solid, firm, and robust elements. It’s like when air and ether pass through the firm wooden or steel pipes it becomes music. 

To ground the erratic air, Vata people should practice the art of earthing through easy happy lifestyle choices. 

How to reduce stress and anxiety naturally?

  1. Beach Walks: For a Vata person, beaches are okay when they are in the sand, but to become grounding, they should walk barefoot, allowing waves to gently touch their feet. 
  2. Heavy blankets: If there is no sleep, and to fall asleep quickly, Vata people can open windows and let the chillness increase a bit in the room through AC and then cover themselves with a heavy blanket. This will allow them to slowly fall asleep without letting their mind wander. 
  3. Music: Music is a must for an elevated Vata Dosha. Be it Rahman or Raja sir, they should opt for some calming melody with a moderate volume and listen to them. It is best to listen to music with the help of speakers because that would also allow them to get into the groove and dance their hips. If not, earphones are fine, but not to the extent that would damage their hearing.
  4. Solitude with purpose: Since the governing element of Vata is air and ether, to allow the mind to destress, they should focus on their breath. A pause in every moment of burst will seek calmness in their mind. Once they can get into solitude by seeking it with a purpose, nobody is stopping them from coming back to a stress-free life

These are part of dinacharya for pacifying Vata dosha. When done regularly the stress in the Vata mind is managed without the need for any medicines. This also helps in solving the core problems of insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, and mental disorders. 

Pacify the Vata Dosha In Soul 

The connection between body and mind can be felt through the contentment in the soul. You can feel your soul through intuition, instincts, presence of mind, and spontaneity. If you want it in scientific terms, they are the fluids that communicate with your brain and sensory organs. The messages sent between them are interpreted into decisions, beliefs, ethics, virtues, and principles in your life–upon which you thrive to grow. 

A stressed body and mind will affect the soul and that is when you will realize something is wrong with you. 

A stressed soul shows psychological symptoms that potentially change your personality, character, and perception of life. 

When Vata dosha is high, staying in touch with intuition will be usually misinterpreted with wrong notions. A stubborn mind, indecisive heart, blaming mouth is justified by themself as an act of defense. They keep claiming the position of the victim in every situation they face. The cheerful side and peaceful solution seeker usually becomes a drama queen.  

You will get trapped inside an illusion and it is quite hard to realize that you have a problem. These are the high stages of stress. They require psychotherapy experts to handle Ayurveda depression management includes behavioral corrections, training the mind for balancing the dosha. 

The below are some easy quick reliefs to bring back yourself to norms. However, Ayurveda depression management will need at least 3-6 months of regular therapies including medicinal treatments too. 

  1. Practice Gratitude: Every night, before going to bed, allow yourself to have the time to think about all the good things in life. Visualize the moments of the day and identify the places where you felt “good lord, it happened in that way”. 
  2. Avoid the screen time – Elevated Vata dosha needs to avoid screen time at least 90 minutes before bed. 
  3. Bedtime is the only time where Vata dosha people can take moments to self-reflect, so doing evening abhyanga, applying moisturizer, writing a journal, or reading a book will all trigger the positive notions into their minds. 
  4. Texting people at night, chatting for long periods through mobile or email is not advisable for an elevated Vata dosha. 
  5. To avoid insomnia, Vata dosha people should drink ashwagandha milk at night or intake ogestern lehyam mixed in milk. 
  6. Going caffeine-free for straight 15 days will also induce the happy hormones into the Prana Vata mind. 
  7. Whenever there is a stress, anxiety, or panic attack moment, Vata people should make contact with the floor using their barefoot. 
  8. Instead of drinking milk or tea, they can go for ginger tea. This would stimulate the pitta elements that can help them to channel their emotions 
  9. Vata dosha people are advised to always have some kind of sweet in their bags. Carrying palm sugar candies or jaggery and sucking them whenever they feel depressed will ground them with stability. 
  10. Along with normal water, Vata dosha people can intake herbal medicated water by mixing equal amounts of 1 spoon of shunti and giloy powder in 2 liters of boiling water. Cool down this mixture and intake them in warm condition whenever feeling thirsty. 


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