Is there a cure for Arthritis?

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Is there a cure for Arthritis?
5 minute read

Arthritis is not just joint pain. 

While you are walking, ever thought about what will happen if your joints stop bending? 

You cannot walk. 

You will be a straight tree, strong but without flexibility. 

Joints are the helping organs. They make you move around, do activities, and also adds up to your life growth. 

Only because you can move, you thrive as a human being. When stuck in one place, there will be no growth in life nor the body too. 

Unlike skin or hair, joints aren’t an attractive feature, so prudence is absent. Less we think about joints in our day-to-day life or careless for it because it is unknown to our eyes. 

Arthritis is a lifestyle disorder that arises because of the disorientation of the joints. It is the internal inflammation prolific across the body but localized at the joints. The main problem with this condition is that many are breaking their head around the question “is arthritis curable”

After trying many forms of treatment, most think, Arthritis is not curable, yet keep searching for a permanent cure. If you ask me, I would say, the question is wrong. You cannot ask if arthritis is curable, instead, you should ask, “Am I ready to control this condition?”

In this blog post, I will walk you through the arthritis treatment methods, home remedies and how the treatment should be perceived. 

How does Arthritis form in your body?

The modern medical system has agreed that they have not found the triggering agent of arthritis. 

However, the Indian system and the science of medicine, Ayurveda, points to the prolonged deposition of Aama (toxins) in the body as the cause. 

The toxins occur because of the poor metabolism– slow or erratic digestive fire. To obtain energy, the digestive system breaks down the food molecules utilizing 13 types of Agni. Each of them contributes to the assimilation of food, cellular metabolism, and formation of tissues.

During the metabolism, the GI tract and digestive organs are left with the toxins that arise from the food consumed by you. Every digestion will have some amount of toxin residue that is responsible for the inflammation. While eating a well-cooked organic vegetable also, there will be some amount of toxins left, which will deposit in your body. 

These toxins are very high when you consume junk food, unhealthy meals, liquor, and smoking. The resulting inflammation attacks the joint tissues (or anywhere the Ama is deposited). 

Inflammatory agents consist of harmful reactive molecules that trigger neural pain in the joint tissues. Thus the entire nerves across the body are also affected. 

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Treatment Methods 

Arthritis treatment methods vary from system to system of medicines. Strategies, approach determines the treatment methods, impact, and the side effects intensity. 

Allopathy Treatment Methods 

Allopathy medicine takes an offense approach where the inflammation is combated using NSAIDS medicines, steroid pain killers, symptom suppressing treatment methods. In the worst case, replacement surgery is advised. 

The offense method aims to suppress the symptoms, fight the inflammation areas. NSAIDs block the activity of the inflammatory particles from producing more toxicity into the body. It stops the production of prostaglandins, prostacyclins, and thromboxanes – responsible for inflammation toxicity. 

Ayurveda Treatment Methods

Ayurveda treatment methods are a defense approach –inflammation is not the harmful target. Ayurveda arthritis treatment has a cumulative effect on the body. It takes a more slow, steady defense mechanism, aiming to stabilize your body without leading to any sudden disruptions that can boil other secondary disorders. 

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Also, the Ayurveda treatment approach is beneficial for long-term management because the elimination of the root causes inflammatory triggering agents. In treating arthritis, Ayurveda takes a more personalized approach. The whole treatment procedure is built with your Dosha & Prakriti. The Prakriti helps the Ayurveda physician to understand the physiology, metabolism, and intense internal inflammation in that specific body. 

  1. Short-term: Relieving pain and restoring joint function
  2. Intermediate-term: Controlling inflammation, protecting joints, and preserving the body and joint function
  3. Long-term: Achieving remission – the disappearance of the symptoms, preventing complications, and minimizing adverse effects of medicines.

Based upon the Ayurvedic Arthritis Treatment, the defense strategy consists of:

  1. Balancing the Doshas.
  2. Increasing the digestive and metabolic fires, or Agni.
  3. Stopping the formation of Aama at different levels.
  4. Increasing digestion and excretion of Aama.
  5. Restoring the damaged intestinal mucosa and absorption.

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Arthritis Treatment Is A Management 

The never said truth about arthritis is that it is a disorder that needs lifelong management, not acute treatments. 

Treatment is given to conditions that can be cured. For example, when your finger is bleeding because of an accidental knife-cut, you will need to apply ointment, roll cotton, and bandages. You will be dressing the wound till it heals. The bleeding is stopped permanently till again you cut your finger.  

Management is a collective framework. It includes holistic care to prevent the condition from worsening and slowly stabilizing the body to its original state. When the efforts for management are stopped, it will come back again. 

It is like you already have toxins in your body, but they never went to the inflammation point because you were balancing them quite well. 

Arthritis is a slow deposition of toxins (Ama) in your body. When they are elevated, it results in inflammation, swollen joints, pain in nerves, and degenerative conditions. 

If the toxins are not eliminated from the body, the inflammation will reach a high level and results in RA, gout, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, spondylitis, and idiopathic arthritis. 

When your diet is balanced with enough nutrients, physical activity that keeps your blood circulation optimum, your toxins will be removed regularly without the need for any intense Ayurveda therapies or medications. But if the toxins level increases, it directly induces high inflammatory triggering agents that cause your joints to react with pain. 

Only through regular diet, lifestyle corrections, herbal supplements, ayurvedic cleansing therapies, arthritis will be under control. If you deviate from this, the inflammation will occur again to damage your joints. 


The absence of toxins will not trigger inflammation, and to keep toxins at bay, your physiology and metabolism need to be balanced. Only when you eat right, sleep right, and live right can your metabolism be balanced. 

Thus arthritis is a treatable condition with the lifestyle management approach. 

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Ayurvedic Medicines For Arthritis 

For almost thousands of years, an authentic practice is maneuvered into our daily diet to naturally cleanse the toxins. The usage of inflammatory inhibiting herbs in cooking has been a proven method to prevent arthritis.  


The Indian Frankincense herb is one of the ancient herbs that are completely powerful in reducing any kind of internal inflammation. 

This herb is both antipyretic and anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce the localized joint inflammation. It also reduces the level of inflammation in the liver, keeps the liver functioning to the optimum. 

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Also known as ginger is used in Indian cooking often to promote better digestion. The Vata and Kapha dosha can be easily regulated with plain ginger tea or medicated ginger water which pulls the digestive fire level to a balanced one.  


The golden herb that has antibacterial properties eliminates the spreading of inflammation. It can control the inflammation spreading across, and prevents the inflammation from worsening. 

Please don’t intake any herbal supplements for your joint pain without consulting an Ayurveda doctor. You must understand your Prakriti state and the disequilibrium of your dosha levels before intaking any medicine.


So, there is a cure for arthritis, and it is in your hands. 

A physician can only be the influencing vessel in the arthritis treatment but the ability to completely cure, prevent it from occurring in the future and avoid the pain completely lies only in your hands. 

Remember that the Ayurveda treatment plan for arthritis should not be self-made; it needs physician guidance. 

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