Pitta Dinacharya : How to create lifestyle?

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Pitta Lifestyle - Dinacharya
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Pitta people are those strong head ones out there. They are very reliable in nature to depend on. Your biggest strength is the organized mind and with an incredible metabolism rate. Being a Pitta, leveraging a determined mindset is too easy for you. There is so much of steady, consistency and constant growth in your life always. When the dosha becomes aggravated, the irritation, anger, inflexibility and also accompanied with hypertension comes out. 

Only by creating a lifestyle that offers a stability between water and fire (elements of Pitta), Pitta dosha can be balanced. It also forms a path to enjoy the life by attaining a full peace.

StrengthsWeaknessesCareer Choices
Organized mindsWatch out your egoAdministration- that is your zone irrespective of any industry
Unwavering thoughts Don’t stay in warm or hot places Entrepreneur and small business owners
Good digestion and metabolism rateInflexibility and irritable Politics, surgery, law and finance
Structuring complex processImpatience and short temperChoose a competitive position and challenging one

How to regain your steady and organized life back?

If the pitta is imbalanced, it can lead to anger and agitation, and may even cause burning disorders such as ulcers and inflammation. They lose that tactfulness mindset they have when their dosha gets aggravated and they become too inflexible and unable to see all the options.

When you keep a watch on your digestive fire and your environment you can easily bring down your aggravated Pitta Dosha.  To maintain a balance, meditation, massages and inhaling cooling scents such as rose, mint and lavender can help relax the body.

Dinacharya Plan For Pitta

  • Wake up at 5 – 5.30 AM
  • Must do an hour of outdoor physical activity that is a mixture of cardio and breathing exercises
  • Self- Abhayangam with Nalpamaradi Thailam helps to pacify pitta dosha everyday morning
  • Breakfast – 7.30 AM to 8.00 AM, Lunch – 2.30 PM & Dinner – 6.30 – 7.00 PM
  • If you are hungry, eat something and don’t starve. Just like the snickers advertisement, you won’t be on your good side if you are hungry 
  • Drink cool juices that have mint, cucumber, lime, orange, watermelon, muskmelon. It actually calms your mind 
  • Always, try to keep an open mind, it does more good to you when working in teams. 
  • Sleep on soft beds, pillows, that have the smell of rose petals. 
  • Apply soft thin lotions and use the scent of lavender, rose, sandalwood in your skincare routines. 
  • Go to bed by 9 Pm and sleep for at least 6 hours a day. 
  • Exercise every day morning for at least 30 minutes. 
  • Do breathing exercises every morning 
  • Eat solids and liquids in equal amounts. 

Pitta Skincare Products 

Pitta skin is delicate, radiant and sensitive. Herbal oil like Nalpamaradi Thailam (esp with Tila Thaila base) is an excellent skin rejuvenation. Doing a self-massage with this oil twice a day and taking a bath in lukewarm water with a liquid body wash or besan gram flour will give a plumpy and even-tone complexion. Avoid coarse powders or dry face mask on your skin. 

  • Use herbal moisturizers in winter
  • Aloe vera or cucumber gels in summer
  • Prefer gel based cleanser, shower gels or oil soaps for body wash
  • Always include rose, lavender and herbal oils in your skincare routine
  • Bathe in slight lukewarm water
  • Use frozen lip moisturizers
  • Drink water, fresh juices and smoothies

Pitta Dietary Recommendations

To Eat

CucumberWatermelonsAlmonds(soaked and peeled)CuscousButter (unsalted)
CabbagePapayaFlax seedsPancakes without maidaIce cream
MushroomsPomegranatesPumpkin SeedsQuionaGoat’s milk 
SpinachMuskmelonsSunflower seedOatsCottage cheese

To Avoid

Vegetables FruitsNutsStaplesDairy
GarlicTamarindWalnutsCornSalted Butter
Green ChilliesGrapefruitSesame SeedsRice(brown)Sour Cream
TomatoesPeachesChia SeedsYeasted BreadFrozen Yogurt
TurnipsBerries(sour)PeanutsMuesliProcessed cheese

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