Pitta Lifestyle Practices

2 minute read
Pitta Lifestyle Practices
2 minute read

Positively Pitta

The vibrant Pitta Prakriti controls fire and water. Both are highly unstable elements which puts the importance of practicing lifestyle regularly.

The characteristics of Pitta are sharp, oily, and sour. All the associated gunas of Pitta give you that neutral, balanced, and super confidence. It is the dosha that governs the fire and water, the two extremities of the energy sources. Apparently, Pitta Prakriti dormant knows to carry themself elegant, intellectual, and beautiful. 

However, too much cook spoils the broth and so does the positive pitta too. It gravitates wrongly if the energy levels of fire and water aggravate. Stress starts from shouting, yelling and ends up with a big ego for a pitta dosha. 

A stressed Pitta affects the body equally too. It starts with heart burns and ends with lethal cardiac arrests, if not taken proper care of. In case your stress is causing a lot of collateral damage to people around you, then it is because of the intense pitta dosha in your body.

Balance Pitta Dosha With Lifestyle Routines 

  1. If you are hungry, eat something and don’t starve. Just like the snickers advertisement, you won’t be on your good side if you are hungry 
  2. Drink cool juices that have mint, cucumber, lime, orange, watermelon, muskmelon. It actually calms your mind 
  3. Always, try to keep an open mind, it does more good to you when working in teams. 
  4. Sleep on soft beds, pillows, that have the smell of rose petals. 
  5. Apply soft thin lotions and use the scent of lavender, rose, sandalwood in your skincare routines. 
  6. Go to bed by 9 Pm and sleep for at least 6 hours a day. 
  7. Exercise every day morning for at least 30 minutes. 
  8. Do breathing exercises every morning 
  9. Self- Abhayangam with Nalpamaradi Thailam helps to pacify pitta dosha
  10. Eat solids and liquids in equal amounts. 


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