Pacify Kapha Dosha In Mind

2 minute read
Kapha Dosha In Mind
2 minute read

Kapha prakriti are the best huggers. Kapha dormats have natural healing power that is soothing to your hurts. On the contrary, aggravated Kapha dosha is equally scary as an aggravated Pitta dosha. They tend to exhibit qualities that result in a lethargic attitude. When Kapha dosha has spiked the chart, it results in depression. Also, prolonged Kapha dosha can trigger Vata’s ether qualities creating a more foggy indecisive mind too. 

To pacify a Kapha dosha in the mind, begin by changing your lifestyle. Embrace changes in your daily routine by including adventures, exciting experiences, laborious works, and a bit of innovation in dressing, grooming. 

Diet Habits 

  1. Eat for ¾ of the stomach leaving the rest to feel the emptiness that balances the sluggish digestive system with a normal one. 
  2. Choose vegetables that have rough textures like bitter gourd, sweet potatoes, turnips, radishes, Yam, and tubers. 
  3. Chew grated ginger in your mouth weekly thrice or intake ginger-honey tea without milk. 
  4. Eat light food, like idly, chapati, or idiyappam(with grated coconut and no milk). 
  5. Include spicy flavors in the form of ginger, garlic, and pepper. Avoid biryani, pizza, and heavy food which has the potential to aggravate the Kapha dosha.


Lifestyle changes 

  1. Structured routine is good but occasionally changing them to also feel the adrenaline helps to balance the heaviness that allows for the mind to be open 
  2. Instead of preferring soft clothes, go for a bed that is hard and slightly rough. 
  3. Wake up every day before 6 AM. Never stay in your bed even if you feel sleepy after 6 AM. 
  4. Make a habit of working out for an hour. Please include heavy cardio, Tabata, mixed martial arts, running. Yoga is good but practicing something that includes sudden fast movements helps your dosha to stay optimal. 
  5. Self abhyanga with thin Kera thailam or with herbal massage powders everyday morning before showering
  6. Eat three times a day at the same time. Avoid snacking in between meals and strictly no heavy desserts. 
  7. Use herbal coarse powders for the body while showering. Scrub your feet, hands, and body with a rough loofah. 
  8. Avoid using oil-based soaps, cleansers, and moisturizers. Opt-in for a thin liquid body lotion. 
  9. Work out every evening for an hour because Kapha kicks in the evening. Balance the sluggish mode with some outdoor activities. 
  10. Set your mobile aside before 2 hours of your bedtime. Spending screen time before bed results in Kapha aggravation.  

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