Can I Cure Diabetes without medicine?

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With subjective Ayurveda diabetes treatment procedures, therapeutic exercises, and herbal diet, diabetes can be detached from your life without the help of medicines.
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Yes, you can !! 

With subjective Ayurveda diabetes treatment procedures, therapeutic exercises, and herbal diet, diabetes can be detached from your life without the help of medicines.

About 75% of the Indian population and more than 80% of the worldwide population experience a rise in blood sugar levels before they reach 30. These shocking statistics are consequences of blind following diet programs, fitness trends, consuming chemical supplements, dependence on steroid medicines, and constantly looking for instant reliefs. 

Following a trend without understanding your metabolism pattern costs your life. Also, intaking supplements, steroids, and insulin injections for a long time leaves toxic residues in your body resulting in liver inflammation, neuropathy, depression, and suicidal thoughts.  

However, there are conditions where medicines are inevitable. For those, rely on safe Ayurveda medicines. It controls the diabetic state from turning into serious complications.  

Diabetes is not a disease. It arises due to improper functioning of the pancreas and insulin. If you can understand the causes of the malfunction, you can reverse the condition without medicines. 

In this blog post, we will see how to cure diabetes with and without medicines. 

What is a diabetic condition?

An increase of sugar level (glucose molecules) in the blood than the required amount for the body is known as a diabetic condition. 

Glucose molecules are produced during metabolism. (after the digestive process) They enter into the bloodstream to travel across the body for the organs to absorb them. Insulin signals the cells present in the organs to soak up these sugar molecules. When they enter into cells, they undergo a synthesis process to produce energy for the body. So insulin acts as a gatekeeper who controls glucose levels in the blood and the cells. It also allows your body to gain energy to work, sleep, walk and think. 

Causes Of Diabetes 

The primary cause of diabetes is unbalanced insulin levels. Poor lifestyle, genetics, unhealthy diet all result in damaging the pancreas and affecting insulin production. There are three reasons why insulin fluctuates :  

  1. When your immune system attacks the pancreas due to high internal inflammation and not letting it do its job i.e no insulin production. 
  2. When the rate of glucose absorption is lower than the glucose production i.e inadequate secretion of insulin. 
  3. When your pancreas over-works to match the production level of glucose and wears out. i.e the pancreas loses its strength to produce insulin. 

How do you cure it without medicine? 

While diabetes is at an early stage(also known as a pre-diabetic condition), treatments without medicines are easier. However, if you have complications such as blurred vision, liver malfunction, diabetic neuropathy, Alzheimer’s, hearing impairment, medicine can be a support mechanism. 

It is important to understand that your Prakriti (body-mind constitution) is the deciding factor of your treatment. While choosing an herbal diet, healthy lifestyle routines, and sleep patterns, the body type helps to reverse the condition naturally. 


Exercise Based On Your Prakriti

When you exert energy by doing physical activity, cells will absorb the glucose in your blood to give more energy. So, this helps to match the production of glucose level to your glucose absorption level. Before planning your workout schedule consider your Prakriti. Your Prakriti (body-mind constitution) and dosha (energy imbalance) determine the success of your routine. 

For example, a Kapha Prakriti when diagnosed with diabetes will have obesity as their primary symptom. On the other hand, for Vata or Pitta Prakriti, it is nerve pain or insomnia. So, the workout routines should be tailored focussing the Prakriti and dosha symptoms.  

Kapha people should include fast-paced exercises such as intense cardio, sprint running, fast cycling, swimming. Vata and Pitta people can opt for Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, beach walking, slow cycling, slow jogging. 

When you sweat every day your intake of glucose is balanced by exertion. The organs will absorb the glucose molecules aggressively because they need energy for the workouts. This way there are no excess glucose molecules present in your body.

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Healthy Wholesome Diet

Ayurveda breaks the myth of “sugar-free diets are good for diabetes” through the wholesome diet concept.

When you avoid intake sugar or carbohydrate completely, it results in more diseases rather than making you healthy. It also increases your craving for desserts, artificial sweeteners, and junk food. Also, in India, where we eat carbohydrates three times a day, eliminating it is risky. You might feel cranky without having rice in your meals. Also, you cannot ask your mother or wife to calculate carbohydrates in their cooking.

Instead of planning your meals based on calories, use the ayurvedic principles of taste.

Upon every meal you eat, try to identify if you have all the 6 tastes (rasa) – sweet, bitter, sour, pungent, salty, and astringent.

Example: To include sweets, you can add fruits or carbohydrates in the form of rice. And for the sour, you can cook vegetables like bitter gourd, bottle gourd. This way now you will have all the nutrients added to your body. It is an easy way to balance your diet.  

When you eat in this way, glucose molecules, the byproducts of carbohydrates, are balanced by their counterparts proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Also, the intake of vegetables and proteins decreases inflammation and allows the pancreatic cells to secrete insulin without hindrances. 

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Don’t Starve Don’t Skip

It is significant to match the production of your glucose molecules with their absorption rate. But this doesn’t mean lowering the intake of glucose molecules by starving and skipping meals. Nope, never do this. By taking a shortcut route like only spike your glucose level. 

When you go on without eating or skip your meals for longer hours, temporarily your glucose levels lower. Your body might use up the stored energy by the liver to keep up the energy. But when the glucose level lowers below your optimal level, it disrupts your ability to think. 

The mouth and mind will crave for sweets, processed foods, maida content, and street foods. All of them have the potential to give a sudden sugar rush making your mind believe that everything is under control. It all adds up to your unhealthy overeating, emotional binge-eating activities. 

A Vata dosha person who is diagnosed with diabetes should never opt for intermittent fasting to reduce weight. This triggers the blood sugar level further or triggers the other symptoms of Vata dosha such as insomnia, knee discomfort, abrupt weight loss. They will need herbs that regulate the metabolism that does not affect the Vata dosha.

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Ayurveda Medicinal Herbs 

Consuming western medicines is not discriminated against but the chances of becoming medicine-dependent, lowering the immunity, and risking mental health are possible. They suppress the symptoms and do not cure them. The high sugar level in the body disturbs the metabolism pattern causing insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, hepatic disorder, liver disorder, and kidney failures. 

Diabetic conditions demand a perfect digestive process. Ayurveda treatment for diabetes conditions takes a subject-based approach. The vaidyas (physicians) plan your treatment based on your Prakriti (the disease-free state) and vikriti ( the disturbed state of your body). The difference between these states results in doshas (imbalance). 

For early diabetic conditions, Ayurveda physicians plan the treatment to free you from medicines once your metabolism and digestion are regulated with a rigorous diet and lifestyle changes. When you intake the medicine without following the diet, it never works on your body. So, you don’t become dependent on the medicine. However, for more complex conditions, Ayurveda medicines are required for a longer duration because only they can arrest the possibility of triggering secondary complications. 

Effective Herbs: shilajit, turmeric, neem, coccidia indica, Amalaki, Triphala, bitter gourd, rose apple, leaves of bilva, cinnamon, Gymnema, fenugreek, bay leaf and aloe vera, giloy, mookarattai, ashwagandha. 

You should never eat an Ayurveda tablet without an Ayurveda physician prescribing it. Please avoid self-diagnosing yourself with herbal medicines available in the market. 

LiveRight Ayurveda Treatment For Diabetes

Step by Step Guide 

  1. Get your HbA1c levels in your body by testing your blood 
  2. Book an online or direct consultation with an Ayurveda physician
  3. Receive your Prakriti & Dosha analysis report 
  4. Receive prescribed medicines, therapeutic diet, lifestyle habits 
  5. Practice the treatment plan for 10-days 
  6. Feedback on 10 days of the treatment 
  7. Weekly once training and tips call with a health coach to clarify doubts
  8. Aligning your day-to-day activities, career, and personal life to keep the blood sugar level in control 
  9. Diet recipes, herbal cooking, homemade medicated water are shared every month. 
  10. Fitness training, yoga classes, and breathing exercises for exerting your energy 


Our treatment style allows you to stay independent without needing a constant physician consultation. We help you practice a healthy lifestyle so that you can stay without worrying about diabetes. 


Ayurveda medicines for diabetes give you a new perspective in bringing back your sugar level to control. 

So, you can cure diabetes without medicine. But remember the success is in your efforts. 

Take care because you are too precious to be eating medicines in this life. 

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