Benefits Of Knowing Your Prakriti

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5 minute read

We think we lack something within ourselves as the reason for our unhappiness. The shortfall comes from the gaps between our body & mind. These unknown empty spaces are the loopholes for sadness.

Unknown and uncertain are always scary when your mind and body are not in tune with each other.

So how do we keep our body and mind synchronized?

This is where Prakriti comes into play as a supporting mechanism. 

What is Prakriti?
Few things in the universe cannot be changed. Example: A soil is forever soil and will not become fire or water. But, the soil transforms into mud, clay, hardened clay, sand, a mountain, with aid of fire, water, and air, yet at the root is soil. This atomic-level property is coined as Prakriti. A source of existence for every action, every behavior, every cell. It explains what can be shaped and what cannot.


While Prakriti serves as the principle of diagnosis and treatment for Ayurvedic doctors, its theory offers knowledge for every individual to lead a satisfying, successful, and happy life. There are infinite possibilities you can explore by knowing your Prakriti. It upgrades you into a better version of yourself and develops extraordinary cognitive abilities.

In this blog post, I am explaining the top 5 benefits of Prakriti that are ever-green.

1. Self Awareness Is Self-Love

A man who knows himself is stronger than everybody else.

Our society has forced us to please others to lead happy lives. So, we focus on understanding others more than ourselves. This is why we are unaware of our pros & cons and more judgemental of others.

Self-awareness reminds you of your worthiness. You as an individual own specific unique qualities that make you adorably pretty inside out. It can be a small mole on your neck or those brown spots on your nose. Sometimes it is your perception of giant clouds looking like cotton candy. These nuances make you unique from every other individual without expecting external validation.

By knowing your Prakriti you can calibrate yourself without judging. Prakriti teaches us to embrace our qualities. It shows the fundamental reason for our behavior in certain ways during certain situations. The reason behind your actions & reactions is mapped logically to the root cause—Prakriti, i.e source.

Also, self-awareness through Prakriti makes you emotionally stronger since it explains the science behind the reactions in your body & mind because of the environmental circumstances. It is a triumph card for becoming confident. Self-awareness helps you meet mental peace, self-confidence, happiness, and life purpose.

Prakriti is the easy way in becoming completely self-aware.

2. Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

Calibrate yourself

When you can weigh your strengths against weaknesses, it’s easier to rely on your strengths to achieve more in life.

Prakriti unlocks your innate strengths; something only you can have. When you know your special superpowers there is no space for pondering upon weaknesses. 

Example: Some people take time to learn to drive a car. But few people just pick it up in a day like a prodigy. This is innate strength. You are born with some talents which will never leave you at any cost. Prakriti will help you in finding this and pushes you to focus more on your inborn strengths.

3. Boost Your Career Growth

When you do what you love, it is not good but great

This is the boon of knowing your Prakriti.

If you know your working pattern, you are going to be the happy panda at your office. Prakriti unlocks your domain abilities, working style, trigger points, and shortfalls at work.

Let’s see the example below.

Example: Today, marketers are expected to do everything. They are creating, strategizing, executing, and analyzing for growth. To be a marketer,  working in an agile environment is crucial. You need a contradicting quality that needs to be balanced with each other. The dynamic mind needs structuring intuition. You need a flaming fire for the things to keep going but also occasionally some water sprinklers to build the foundation. Ayurveda confirms Pitta & Vata are potential enough to develop this uniquely complementing ability. So a Prakriti that is Pitta-Vata or Pitta dominance has a higher scope of becoming a successful marketer.

Let’s take a look at one more example. Vata Prakriti has a tendency for nudging and persuading. They are also vivid talkers irrespective of extroverts or introverts. Vata has this exceptional influencing behavior in convincing somebody to make favorable decisions. This makes Vata Prakriti an effective sales representative. And this same skill also makes them a star of the Customer Success team.

Your Prakriti enhances your natural soft skills. This in turn creates a strength for you to climb the career ladder without expecting validation from anybody around you. Focussing the strengths will help you to gain self-confidence. It puts you in the best position in your career. You will be enjoying your work and moving forward in it.

4. Prevent Lifestyle Problems

Health is a long term investment with a huge returns, not an expense

Health is the wealth we all take lightly till we become sick. It is the first treasure you need to protect. Prakriti predicts the possible disorders you might develop in the future if you don’t adhere to the recommended lifestyle. It also shows the habits you need to cut down and water on to have a healthy life.

Prakriti helps to understand your body and mind. Example: A Kapha Prakriti person has high chances of developing a sedentary lifestyle because of the Kapha(slow, sluggish) quality in them. A sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity, diabetes, and PCOS. If you ignore the presence of Kapha in you, you will have a high chance of developing these lifestyle disorders.

You can prevent being victim to these by finding your Prakriti and following the suggested lifestyle routines and habits. Many celebrities are 50+ yet young like a 30-year-old. This is because of the excellent lifestyle they have. Understanding their body needs, they can align themselves towards healthy alternatives.

5. Find the best better-half

Prakriti is the key in finding your soulmate.

It might sound funny but it is true.

In finding a better half, we confuse lust and love. This common misconception leads to the failure of marriages. To lead a successful relationship, we need to know ourselves and our counterparts too. Prakriti can help you in this by showing you the things that are mutable and fixed. Slowly, you will learn to accept the fixed qualities and use them to your advantage. Use Prakriti to unlock your partner’s energies to align yourself towards the success of your relationship.

Prakriti is made of energies and in every successful relationship, energies have been balanced without complaint. Example: A Kapha Prakriti needs a balancing Pitta and Vata to keep them driven. Pitta also needs Vata to drive them but at the same time a little bit Kapha to keep them from burning out.


Prakriti is the potential platform for every individual to start living their life on their own terms without feeling bad for anything. When in doubt of your own confidence, check which energy is imbalanced (dosha). Usually, dosha disguises the positive traits of Prakriti.

Life is about coming back to yourself again and again when it pushes you down. So know more about your identity to keep enjoying every ride you take in your life. 

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