2 common seasonal diseases – Simple Ayurvedic Home Remedy

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2 common seasonal diseases - Simple home remedies through Ayurveda
4 minute read

Have you ever observed the very common signs of seasonal diseases/illnesses during any seasonal change?

  1. Low appetite
  2. Common illnesses like cold, cough, and fever

The above two seasonal diseases/illnesses are very prominent during seasonal changes, especially from winter to spring. These illnesses are so common that every one of us would have experienced them atleast once in our lifetime. Dig deeper into the blog to get some handy home remedies to prevent such illnesses.

Low Appetite

Eating less, not feeling hungry, having only one or two meals a day, avoiding solid foods, and strongly preferring liquid intake are all the common signs showing a low appetite in your body.

Some significant symptoms that you can observe vividly are;

  • Reduction in the quantity of food you take than usual days.
  • Delay in feeling hungry (i.e. usually you feel hungry by 12:30 pm for lunch, but in this case, you feel hungry only by 1:30 pm – an hour later or even more than that).
  • Less interest in solid foods.
Simple ayurvedic home remedies to get through low appetite

Why do these symptoms occur?

During the winter season, due to the cool climate, you might prefer wrapping yourself in a warm blanket. Preventing you from doing much physical exercise during winter. Also, having heavy, and oily foods adds up to this, leading to the accumulation of Kapha in your body. And this accumulated Kapha melts in the summer heat disturbing your digestive fire (agni), thus making you feel the above symptoms. 

What diet plan to follow?

There are different diet plans for each condition. Ayurveda recommends clearly seeing through the symptoms and identifying the imbalanced dosha due to which these symptoms occur.

Imbalance of Vata Dosha

The below mentioned are the common symptoms that are seen in a person who has got low appetite due to the vata dosha imbalance. 

  • Bloating
  • Body pain
  • Mouth dryness
  • Frequent burping
Symptoms of low appetite due to imbalance of vata dosha

Include buttermilk mixed with asafoetida and salt in your diet to improve your appetite. Have warm water boiled with ingredients like jeera and rock salt.

Imbalance of Pitta Dosha

These symptoms are seen in a person who has a low appetite due to the pitta dosha imbalance. 

  • Bitter taste in your mouth
  • Feeling very thirsty
  • Too much sweating
  • Burping tastes sour

To overcome, include amla juice, raisins soaked overnight, or water of Coriander seeds soaked overnight (add one spoon of coriander seeds in one glass of water and let them soak overnight). Drink the water in which ingredients are soaked early in the morning on an empty stomach.

Imbalance of Kapha Dosha

These are some common symptoms observed in a person who has a low appetite due to the Kapha dosha imbalance. 

  • Increase in salivation
  • Nauseated feeling
  • Heaviness in the abdomen region
  • White coating on the tongue
  • Overall body discomfort

Have dry ginger powder mixed with pepper and honey. Chew betel leaves and drink warm water if needed. 

Common seasonal diseases/illnesses

Everybody would have been affected atleast once by these common illnesses like cold, cough, or fever during seasonal changes. Children are the first to get affected by these illnesses. Due to their growing age, Kapha is naturally found more in their body. Runny nose, dry cough, throat pain, sore throat,  sneezing, heaviness in the head, and fever are some of the very common illnesses that can harm your health during seasonal changes.

Common seasonal illnesses

Simple home remedies to say goodbye to these seasonal diseases/illnesses:

  1. Eat athimathuram powder (liquorice plant) mixed with honey – it helps in relieving sore throat.
  2. A glass of milk with turmeric, pepper, and honey – is good for a sore throat or throat pain.
  3. A glass of tulsi water every day.
  4. Prefer tulsi or sukku (dry ginger) tea for hot drinks.
  5. Rasam – horsegram rasam or pepper rasam.
  6. Avoid cold water and always have warm water.
  7. Chewing tulsi leaves, athimathuram leaves, or betel leaves will support your immunity against cold and cough.
  8. Burn an inch of dried turmeric stem on direct fire and inhale the smoke – relieves nose blockage and supports smooth inhalation.
  9. Turmeric milk or pepper milk – good for throat infection and cough.
  10. Include ginger garlic soup in your food.
  11. Avoid heavy foods, sweets for desserts, and curd in your meal.

The above are simple home remedies to prevent or avoid seasonal diseases/illnesses affecting your daily lifestyle or health. In case of recurring symptoms, look for an Ayurvedic doctor and get their advice based on your current condition. 

Not everybody gets affected by these illnesses – low appetite, cold, cough, fever, etc. If you are a person with a weak immune system or poor gut health, then you must keep a watch on yourself. Practice an Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet to prevent seasonal changes that affect your routine lifestyle. 

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