How To Compensate After Binge Eating?

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Are you a binge eater? Are you struggling to survive after binge eating? Want to know what to do after binge eating? Then you are at the right place!
How to compensate after binge eating
3 minute read

Why reset your body after binge eating? Find the answer to this question as you scroll through the blog. Here are some tips on how to compensate after binge eating.

Drink Medicated Water for Digestion

Medicated water is something that is prepared by boiling water together with certain types of medicinal ingredients. Ingredients like cumin seeds, fenugreek, vetiver, amla, coriander seeds, cucumber seeds, cardamon, turmeric, fennel, tulsi, ginger, and even lemon can be used to prepare medicated water. You can use one or two ingredients to prepare the medicated water based on your prakriti and dosha. Out of these ingredients, most of them help in good digestion of food. 

Cumin seeds, for example, help in the secretion of digestive enzymes and promotes digestion. So including ingredients that help you in better digestion is an excellent choice to compensate after binge eating.

Drink medicated water for digestion after binge eating

Stay Active

Never stay lazy or sleep after binge eating. It slows down your system further. Do some mild exercises like slow walking, cycling, etc. Even doing small household chores like gardening can make you stay active. 

And yes, you will now have this popup question in your mind – why do I need to stay active?

Digestion needs more energy. After binge eating, your digestive system has to work double or triple the time than usual to digest your food. This is done faster if you stay active. Small physical movements can help in faster digestion. 

Stay active after binge eating


Go for fasting after binge eating. You have taken too much more than needed. Your stomach is already tired after digestion. So don’t make your digestive system work again. Keep your stomach empty for half a day atleast and have your next meal only when you feel hungry. And your next hunger after binge eating indicates that your body has now digested and utilized the food you had before.

Stop Eating

There has to be a halt for every action. 

The first thing you need to do as soon as you realize that you have been eating more than required is to stop it. Be aware of your actions and choose consciously. When we do binge-eat, we do realize that, but all we need is some restraint and willpower for it. The cure only comes subsequently.

Avoid Raw Juices & Salads

We are commonly misled that raw green/ fruit juices help in “detox” of the body and hence a good choice after heavy eating. 

Well, here’s some news flash, uncooked food is heavier on the digestive system. While they may be a good choice to break a fast, they are not great for a bodily cleanse. The best way is to leave the system undisturbed.

Eat very Simple Home-cooked Foods

As said before, your digestive system is exhausted by digesting all your binge food. So to reduce the workload for your digestive system, take simple home-cooked foods only when you feel hungry after binge eating. 

Using minimal ingredients and extracting the simplest form of nutrients works best during this time. This aids to provide just enough nutrients, at the same time not disturbing the digestive activities. Simple home-cooked foods like congee, and lentil soup, are light and easily digestible foods.

Eat very simple home-cooked foods after binge eating

Binge eating once in a while will not affect your health badly, but habitual binge eating is something to be worried about! 

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Why reset your body after binge eating?

Did you find the answer to this question before reaching here? And yes, these tips help you in resetting your body after binge eating. Resetting actually helps your body maintain a stable and healthy gut. So suit yourself with these tips after binge eating and slowly reduce this habit. Habitual binge eating affects your gut health.

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