Why is massage (Abhyanga) important for our body?

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2 minute read

अभ्यंगं आचरेत नित्य: स जरा श्रमवात: |

दृष्टि प्रसाद पुष्टि आयु सुस्वप्न त्वक दार्ढ्यकृत. ||

Charaka Samhita, ancient literature of Ayurveda says that “one who does a self abhyanga (massage) can withstand accidental injuries or strenuous work by the endowed with pleasant touch, trimmed body parts and becomes also becomes charming and least affected by ageing.”

There is no tremendous feel of self-love than lovingly daubing oneself from head to toe with warm oil, and this feeling is called or expressed as Abhyanga or massage. The Sanskrit word Snehana (Oleation) can be meant both as oil and love. It is believed that the effects of self-massage are like the one who is thoroughly soaked with love. Hence the essence of abhyanga is a deep feeling of stability and warmth.

Routine practise of massaging our body restores balance in the doshas and promotes well being and longevity.

There are few natural and traditional oils like sesame oil, coconut oil, Nalpamaradi oil, Lakshadhi oil etc. which gives various benefits to your body.

Among these oils, Nalpamaradi oil is unique because of its outstanding benefits, like being a  natural skin brightener and tan remover. Being an anti-oxidant, it removes dark spots and acne. It also gives the skin an even tone and illuminates the brightness from inside.

Here are some pointers that coax you for Oleation (Massage):

1. Regular and proper nourishment of your body.

2. Slows down the ageing factor.

3. Improves the ability of sense organs.

4. Boosts your circulation.

5. Firmness to limbs.

6. Improves your muscle tone and vigour.

7. Increases your stamina.

8. Calms the nerves.

9. Promotes immunity.

10. Induces good sleep.

11. Hair – thick, soft and glossy.

12. Skin – smoothens skin and reduce the wrinkles.

How do you ready yourself for massage?

1. Warm the oil, test the heat by putting a drop on the inner wrist, it should be comfortably warm.

2. Sit or stand in a warm area without keeping yourself stiff.

3. Start from Adhipathi marma (crown of your head), give circular motions throughout the scalp and feel the absorption of oil in your vital points.

4. Face – massage in upward movements and concentrate on ear lobes as it has many marma points.

5. Long circular motions in the limbs and joints in an inward direction.

6. Next comes your middle portion, i.e. chest and abdomen, make circular motions in clockwise.

7. The last part is your feet spend some time in massaging your feet as it has all nerve endings.

8. Sit and relax for 10 -15 mins and go for a warm shower.

Enjoy the feeling of nourished body, mind and soul throughout the day.

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