What are the causes of early puberty?

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Causes of early puberty.
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Are you noticing sudden changes in your daughter?

Is your child exhibiting signs of secondary sexual changes? 

A sea of changes is happening at a slow and steady pace with the young girl children of this generation. We are witnessing the transition of early puberty and maturation in girls, even those who have barely crossed the age of 8. The children are unusual and clueless when it comes to the physiological changes happening in their body and face and many complications due to this accelerated puberty.

In medical terms, early puberty or Menarche is called Precocious puberty that is witnessed in girls starting from the age of 8 and in boys from age 9. Medically, the fertile period of female gender starts from 10 to 50.

The young age of 13 to 15 is considered as right age of puberty as the child is prepared for accepting the pubertal changes both physically and mentally.

A recent study has concluded that before a generation ago, girls aged 8 and above were constituting 5 percentage when measuring puberty onset statistics. But now the number has doubled and is on a rising graph. Most of us have now accepted early puberty as a natural routine. 

However, we have failed to notice that other than the physical changes, there is also an underlying psychological change in the child. This transformation can often lead to long term health-related problems such as obesity, depression, eating disorders, and so on.

What are the causes of early puberty?

The onset of early puberty is triggered by many causes out of which lifestyle and food habits are the important ones.  Nowadays, the intake of Junk, high protein diet, along with packed and processed foods is quite high. The amount of protein synthesized by the child’s body is more than their age requirement. Moreover, the presence of this extra protein triggers the early release of the hormones causing accelerated maturation process like;

1. Developing of breasts

2. Pubic or underarm hair growth

3. A sudden growth spurts

4. Menstrual cycle

5. Acne

6. Body odor

Does lifestyle induce early puberty?

In the age of technology, children are now glued to their screens, and physical exertion is at its minimum. The physical activity of playing, exercising and sports are now slowly diminishing, and a sedentary lifestyle has taken its place. 

The lack of these physical exertions is one of the leading causes of early puberty along with environmental factors.

Stress is an unknown factor that induces early puberty in children

Unknown causes of early puberty:

Stress is another contributing factor problem to early puberty. Nowadays, there are many changes in school lifestyle like early reporting times, education requirements, over-exertion through many extracurricular activities that increase the stress factor in children. Moreover, it leads to stress-induced hunger and overeating. 

What could be the solution?

Parents should inculcate healthy habits like proper exercise, a balanced diet, sleep hygiene, etc in children right from childhood. As they are at a receptive age, parents should set as an example. Being happy is a smart choice in childhood to make them grow strong both mentally and physically, the children should enjoy that phase in every way possible. Connect with our LiveRight doctors today to know more about early puberty and help your child in leading a happy life.

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