What is blood pressure, and how can we maintain its optimal state?

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How to maintain blood pressure ?
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Nowadays, blood pressure has become standard terminology, and we often hear it as the center of many conversations, especially when a group of elders’ converses.  This term has become a common lingo in our lives, that we even use it whenever we encounter an angry individual. But we often lack a clear understanding of this term.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure of circulating blood caused on the walls of blood vessels.

The heart does most of the work by pumping blood through the circulatory system.

The measurement of blood pressure is often expressed in terms of the systolic pressure over diastolic pressure.

Systolic pressure is the maximum pressure measurable during one heartbeat.

Diastolic pressure is the minimum pressure measured between two heartbeats.

But the question remains how does blood pressure happen?

Our blood circulation happens due to the fundamental law of physics, also known as Haemodynamics. The flow of blood is strongest at the point of origination, meaning our heart. The lowest tipping point of this circulation would be our feet.

Having normal blood pressure is crucial for us to live. Without blood pressure, the body will be unable to transport the essential nutrients and oxygen required for nourishing our tissues and organs. Moreover, blood pressure also does the most coveted job in our body by carrying white blood cells, insulin, and antibodies for immunity.

how to maintain normal blood pressure

How to maintain normal blood pressure?

Sedentary lifestyle, irregular food habits, diabetes, improper sleep hygiene getting older are some of the standard causes that result in high blood pressure. Nevertheless, you can fight back and live a healthy life and here is how you do it:

Move those muscles and limbs:

Exercise is one of the primary combatants of high blood pressure. It stimulates the body to release nitric acid, which causes blood vessels to open up thereby utilizing its maximum potential. Exercise also strengthens your heart muscle and keeps the pumping mechanism efficient.

Do you know? Exercises also keep you stress-free and lose weight! Both these reasons are proven to induce high blood pressure

It is a proven fact that if you are obese, you are looking at an increased blood pressure level. Along with that, the risk of heart disease, obesity, and diabetes is present. Losing even, a kilo of weight can make a tremendous effect on blood pressure levels.

What you eat matters:

Following a diet that is suited to your body type and builds is a prerequisite for normal blood pressure levels. Healthy living also requires a proper intake of nutrition. Your palate should be a well-balanced mix of vegetables, fruits, and other micro and macronutrients.

Time to let go:

One of the most leading causes of high blood pressure nowadays is smoking and drinking. Whether you are a social drinker or a habitual drinker, you are definitely at risk of contracting high blood pressure. Likewise, smoking is the next taboo when aiming for normal blood pressure. Nicotine makes the blood vessels constrict, thus resulting in obstruction of the blood flow.

Along with the limited screen time of gadgets, these habits will work wonders and help you maintain normal blood pressure by calming the brain cells.

If you still want to know more about your blood pressure, then we are just a click away.

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