Keep your bones strong and healthy

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Keep your bones strength.
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Healthy bones are an essential prerequisite for the healthy functioning of our body.  So, it is never too late to take care of your bone health.

Most of our bone growth occurs during our childhood and adolescence. Girls reach their maximum bone density by the age of 18 and boys by the age of 20. During adulthood, you must maintain bone density and slow down the rate of bone loss.

How can I keep my bones strong?

Diet plays a vital role in bone health, and according to Ayurveda, the Prakriti of the individual is a deciding factor for the right type of food.


People with Vatadosha have capriciousAgni (digestive fire), meaning they are prone to thinner and fragile bones. To maintain optimum bone health, Vata individuals must have a regular intake of calcium-rich foods such as sweet potato, beetroot, sesame seeds, figs, pistachios and so on.

Pitta Dosha:

Individuals with Pitta Dosha have an intense agni than Vatadosha. Their bone build-up will be in a medium build and can get weaker when the dosha gets vitiated. For optimum bone health, Pitta dosha individuals should take foods that are calcium-rich and balances their Pitta dosha. For example, foods like mung beans, oranges, celery, strawberries are good for healthy bones.


Kaphadosha predominant means their the Agni is low and thereby leading to denser and thicker bones. Often, it also is a factor that leads to a risk of painful bone spurs. For maintaining bone health, Kapha individuals should have a regular intake of foods like okra, black beans, brussels sprouts, watercress and so on.

Other than these modifications to the diet, there are also specific lifestyle changes needed for healthy bones:

1. Include a lot of vegetables in your diet

2. Expose yourself to the sunlight as it is the best source of Vitamin D

3. Make physical exercise as part of your daily routine to strengthen your bones

4. Limit your caffeine intake as too much of caffeine can lower your body’s ability to absorb calcium

5. Drinking alcohol or smoking is a definite no when it comes to healthy bones.

Keep your bones healthy and safe from auto-immune conditions by following the practices of Ayurveda. Come and visit us at LiveRight to know the right type of diet and lifestyle practices for your optimal bone health.

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