Immunity is legacy – 4 Blog Posts About Ayurveda & Immunity

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Immunity is legacy.
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April is the month where we all had so many unexpected twists and turns. Most of the planned summer vacations turned out to be “indoor-family-time”. The fun meetings at the office became boring zoom calls. 

Although on the brighter side, home cooking was trending on social media. Be it Dalgona coffee or just an ordinary omelette, all of you enjoyed cooking by yourself at home. Swiggy, Zomato or the street food were all gone, and us humans became so health-conscious. 

At LiveRight, this month of April, we had so many questions, doubts and inquiries pouring into our Ayurveda online consultation portal about “immunity”. Even we had two webinars on “Immunity management during lockdown” and “Immunity routines during lockdown”.

Well, immunity is a legacy. It is an empire you built for a long time. Every time you fall, you get up and each time you get up, you learn to not give up, and the goal of this process is, you have become immune to the fear of falling or to the falling itself. In Ayurveda, immunity is like this process. Your body learns to build its own immune power. The food, physical activity, mental strength and sleep routines you follow boost your body’s natural immunity. 

There are plenty of immunity based blog posts around the internet. But during the COVID-19 lockdown, few kick-ass Ayurveda experts who agreed to the concept of immunity needed to be a daily activity. If you are looking for a suitable read, implementing methods and thorough understanding, here are few picks by us. 

Immunity in children 

Kerala Ayurveda has published a blog post about how immunity in children can be managed. The entire blog post revolves around the kids. Author of the blog post is Dr. Aishwarya Mohan has clarified that immunity in children needs effort from the parents too. 

The detailed description of the Vata, Pitta and Kapha children and how each of them will require routines in their daily life is insightful. We quite know kids are quite to fall sick often, and their eating habits are fussy. This blog post narrates down the preventive measures, healthy eating plans and also how as a parent you can influence your kid positively. 

Dr. Aishwarya’s ideas on a dietary chart for the kids serves the exact purpose of the blog post. If you are a mother and unable to make your fussy eater into a healthy eater, head there and check out her ideas about restoring immunity in children.

Boost your immunity 

Next one is the most searched topic in this month by online users, “10 Ayurveda tips to boost your immunity for coronavirus Prevention” by Martine van Beusekom. The entire world panicked about the COVID-19 and its lethal damages. 

Health experts across the world claimed that Ayurveda has a treatment and cure for this you-know-who virus. However, let us not debate over that here now. Even though unsure about the news, many celebrities took the Ayurvedic approach against the COVID-19 infection. 

The COVID-19 may not have antiviral drugs, but a good immunity can help you fight the infection and also protect you against it. Maritne, Ayurveda lover and expert, has penned down 10 tips about immunity against the coronavirus infection. 

The short, sweet and crisp blog post on how to stay safe and healthy during viral infection time hits the nail. We love her 8th point in the blog post, which shows so much of her optimistic side. 

Get resilient health 

This blog post is from Paavani Ayurveda and very soft to read because the author did an amazing job in putting down the bullet points which you need from every lengthy form article. The blog post explains the current COVID-19 facts, how viral infections connects towards immunity, how to cleanse your body during viral infections and tips to boost the immune system. 

They have also mentioned about the timings you should intake herbs, breakfast and other meals during lockdown time. It is a long post to read, but as mentioned before their takeaway bullet points makes the reader’s job easy.

Prevent-Fight-Boost immune system 

It is not to brag, but we think you might like these three posts from our own blog about immunity. Dr.Subashri, our Ayurveda doctor has these 3 herbal drinks that makes oneself to protect from viral infection and also boost the immune system too. 

In Ayurveda science, the mind and gut are connected with each other. When one goes out of shape, it hurts the other one too. During lockdown times, it is normal for the people to have mental breakdowns and be affected by poor immunity. This blog article on boosting your mental health during lockdown can assist you in getting through the hard time. 

Last but not least, there are immunity boosting medicines in Ayurveda, which results in a strong and sturdy immune system. This also has an immunity guide for home-remedies for common cold.


So, we all are clear about the importance of immunity in April, and May is already waiting for implementation. We all have said, “I do not have time”  But now you cannot say that anymore. You have all the time you ever wanted. Let us know in the comment section, your daily healthy-routines you adopted during this lockdown.

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