Pacify the Vata Dosha In Mind

2 minute read
2 minute read

A Vata mind is one of the smarty pants that usually controls you. It is very hard for the Vata people to control their minds with consciousness. The best way to remove the accumulated stress in the mind is by tricking it. 

The stressed mind has dry, sporadic, and fantasizing thoughts. Every thought will only stay in the mind and the lack of fire, water, and earth energy will result in an inability to put them into action. This again accumulates frustration in the mind. This triggers the symptoms of anxiety, scattered thoughts, headaches, excessive adrenaline, and many other hormone imbalances.  

To reduce the stress in Vata’s mind, you should include or depend on solid, firm, and robust elements. It’s like when air and ether pass through the firm wooden or steel pipes it becomes music. 

To ground the erratic air, Vata people should practice the art of earthing through easy happy lifestyle choices. 

How to reduce stress and anxiety naturally?

  1. Beach Walks: For a Vata person, beaches are okay when they are in the sand, but to become grounding, they should walk barefoot, allowing waves to gently touch their feet. 
  2. Heavy blankets: If there is no sleep, and to fall asleep quickly, Vata people can open windows and let the chillness increase a bit in the room through AC and then cover themselves with a heavy blanket. This will allow them to slowly fall asleep without letting their mind wander. 
  3. Music: Music is a must for an elevated Vata Dosha. Be it Rahman or Raja sir, they should opt for some calming melody with a moderate volume and listen to them. It is best to listen to music with the help of speakers because that would also allow them to get into the groove and dance their hips. If not, earphones are fine, but not to the extent that would damage their hearing.
  4. Solitude with purpose: Since the governing element of Vata is air and ether, to allow the mind to destress, they should focus on their breath. A pause in every moment of burst will seek calmness in their mind. Once they can get into solitude by seeking it with a purpose, nobody is stopping them from coming back to a stress-free life

These are part of dinacharya for pacifying Vata dosha. When done regularly the stress in the Vata mind is managed without the need for any medicines. This also helps in solving the core problems of insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, and mental disorders. 

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