Vata Lifestyle Practices

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3 minute read

Grounding the air 

Indeed impossible.

Air cannot be grounded but channelized. 

Pacifying Vata dosha begins with dissipating the excess ether + air energy into the right direction. 

Generally, Vata Prakriti people are witty yet struggle to control their minds. Vata dosha has a tight connection to the mind, so it quickly results in stress when unbalanced. 

You have to pacify the symptoms of Vata dosha without introducing too many sudden changes repetitively; sudden, forceful changes are prone to elevate Vata Dosha. 

Balance Vata Dosha With Lifestyle Routines 

  1. Fix a structured routine to eat, sleep and exercise at the same time every day. 
  2. Eat freshly cooked warm meals and beverages 
  3. Consume slightly rich food that has a splatter of oil 
  4. Intake of naturally sweet food for desserts 
  5. Perform daily self-massage with Nalpamaradi Thailam 
  6. Wear soft cloths that are slightly loose and comfortable
  7. Focus on getting final output at the workplace 
  8. Avoid screen time drastically
  9. Practice one hour of silence after waking up in the morning 
  10. Cover the neck, head, and feet with soft scarves and socks 

How does the lifestyle routine pacify the Vata dosha?

The sudden rise of air and ether in the body affects the bloodstream, the vacuum mind, neuron transmission, and sensory organs–responsible for reacting and responding. When there is only the necessary air energy(Vata), the blood pressure in all organs is healthy. In the case of the elevated Vata, it brings erratic blood flow of blood, chemical transmission, enzymes, fluids, and other transmissions too. 

As a result, it leads to unexpected outcomes at unexpected times. Aggravated Vata dosha develops psychological stress in the mind and physical stress like oxidative damages in the body. 

The dominant characteristics of Vata Dosha such as dryness, coldness, unpredictability, too much energy, free-flow air, and a tinge of vacuum, need lifestyle more than medicines.

Fixed Routine: By practicing to eat food, sleep and exercise at the same time, the biological clock slowly aligns. This lifestyle practice has a substantial influence on the body’s metabolism. Also structuring the day-to-day routine grounds the erratic Vata behavior in the body and mind. 

Intake Warm Meals: Coldness is another quality of Vata. High levels of cold also increase the dryness inside and outside the body. This results in emotional detachment, apathetic behaviors. When food is consumed in lukewarm conditions, Vata can be balanced. It normalizes the erratic and unpredictable digestive process to the normal level. 

Splatter Oil Slightly: To avoid the constipated feel which is predominant in Vata dosha, adding oil as seasoning over warm meals is advised. Using cold-pressed sesame oil over rice, dal and cooked veggies can help the absorption of the intestines during the digestion process. 

Natural Sweets: Eating too much pungent or sour can cause dryness to shoot up. Fruits and fresh juices are a much easier diet for Vata people to reduce their skin dryness. Intaking fruits as dessert will improve their mood too. 

Daily Self-Message: Apply a generous amount of Nalpamaradhi Tila Thaila, Cold-pressed sesame oil, or pure almond oil on the face and joints everyday morning before showering. This removes the chances of joint pain, nerve pain that can arise due to Vata dosha 

Soft Clothes Calms You: Wear soft cloths that are slightly loose and comfortable. When given the body to feel the soft fabric like pure cotton, silk, satin (but not very heavy) touches the skin, your important sensory organ, and can be calming throughout the day. Allow the clothes to be slightly loose which can influence your mind to feel a bit grounded. 

Multitask With A Aim: Focus on getting final output at the workplace. Among the multiple things running in your mind, it is quite common for the Vata dosha to be distracted, diverted, and go off the tracks many times. But you cannot also stay focused on the same thing, so aim to do everything, but laser the vision towards the high-priority job to be done by the end of the day. 

Gadget Free Evenings: The brain needs to be controlled to pacify the Vata dosha. So it is essential to avoid screen time drastically without a question. Since the work requires so much screen time, build an evening routine that can keep you away from all forms of visual electronic distractions. 

Silence Mornings: Practice one hour of silence after waking up in the morning. Your brain is highly active when Vata dosha is elevated but in the most dangerous way. When given some silence immediately after waking up, your Vata brain will be trained to focus the day with meaningful outcomes. Also, please never check your mobile when you wake up. 

Have Always A Scarf: Cover the neck, head, and feet with soft scarves and socks respectively. Although if it is hot, Vata people tend to have cold feet, neck, and palm. They are supposed to cover these areas when there is a windy climate or chill breeze. These body parts are highly sensitive to raising the Vata level above the normal if exposed continuously to cold conditions. 

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