Pacify the Pitta Dosha In Body

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Pitta Dosha In Body
2 minute read

The proverb trust your gut is so true because gut health depends on the digestive fire of the body and when Pitta dosha has occurred (imbalanced), it affects the gut and so does it reflect on the instincts. 

Pacifying the dosha through a diet balances the fire and water element in the body. The excess inflammation in the body results in oxidative damages of the liver, stomach, and food pipes. Pitta dosha affects the kidney too. It also arrests the excretion stressing the excretory organs with all the toxins trapped inside. 

The best way to remove the stress from your body caused by Pitta dosha is by following a balanced diet.


Pitta Dosha Pacifying Diet Guidelines 

  1. Eat a balanced diet that contains a mix of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, proteins in the form of meat or pulses, nuts, and seeds. 
  2. Include all the tastes and textures in your diet. Include sweet in the form of fruits, bitterness in the form of nuts, soft vegetable smoothies, mashed boiled pulses, staples to add some lightness. Eating based on the rasa, the principles of taste is important to pacify the pitta dosha 
  3. Always eat at the same time every day. Don’t starve or fast yourself for long hours without food. It is also ideal to eat fewer quantities in divided intervals the whole day to keep the digestive fire optimal. 
  4. Include herbs in the diet in the form of tea, kashayam, medicated detox water to cleanse the oxidative damages in the body 
  5. Intake warm water after every meal. 
  6. Avoid eating processed foods, carbonated drinks, and preservatives. It can cause pitta dosha to aggravate more. 
pitta dosha pacifying foods

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