Pacify Pitta Dosha In Mind

2 minute read
Pitta Dosha In Mind
2 minute read

Are you always up for the challenges? 

Pitta’s mind seeks intellectual challenge often. It keeps them alive to stay intuned with positive aspects of the world. This habit makes them great practical philosophers of the world. But when Pitta dosha occurs, stressed, it affects their thinking ability and the thought process. The best way to unclog the mind of a Pitta Prakriti is by balancing diet and lifestyle habits. 

Pacify Pitta Dosha With Diet Habits 

  1. Eat something cool if you are boiling with anger all the time. A very high pitta dosha leads to increased hotness inside and the outside. It can be best if you cool it off with fresh fruit juices, cucumber coolants, citrus fruit smoothies, mint juices. 
  2. Include some dryness in your food. The sharp oily characteristics lead you to become overly critical of others. So eating some dry nuts, potatoes, popcorns are quite helpful. Usually, most vegetables are dry in nature, and eating them by stir-frying is good. 
  3. Eat sweets, but natural sweets. Aggravated Pitta dosha reflects hard, harsh qualities on others. It has to be softened with fruits, desserts that are prepared fresh without additives or preservatives. Milk, grains, amla are all-natural sweeteners that do good for Pitta dosha 


Lifestyle Habits To Destress Mind

  1. If you are hungry, eat something and don’t starve. Just like the snickers advertisement, you won’t be on your good side if you are hungry 
  2. Drink cool juices that have mint, cucumber, lime, orange, watermelon, muskmelon. It actually calms your mind 
  3. Always, try to keep an open mind, it does more good to you when working in teams. 
  4. Sleep on soft beds, pillows, that have the smell of rose petals. 
  5. Apply soft thin lotions and use the scent of lavender, rose, sandalwood in your skincare routines. 
  6. Go to bed by 9 Pm and sleep for at least 6 hours a day. 
  7. Exercise every day morning for at least 30 minutes. 
  8. Do breathing exercises every morning 
  9. Self- Abhayangam with Nalpamaradi Thailam helps to pacify pitta dosha
  10. Eat solids and liquids in equal amounts. 

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