Why Ayurveda Helps In Arthritis?

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Benefits of Ayurveda treatment in Arthritis.
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Joint pain is not just another pain in your body. 

Did you know that one in four people report that they have Arthritis pain?

That is a scary statistic. 

The pain in your joints can be a sign that you have an arthritis condition. 

At LiveRight, we launched a special web series on Arthritis in our YouTube channel to educate people about the auto-immune condition. In the series Dr.Sivakumar, Ayurveda expert, explains in the common people’s language about the condition, ayurveda treatment methods, lifestyle habits to be followed, dos and don’ts of the diet routines and the physical activities. 

A common habit of modern humans is restricting the pain by taking pain relievers. These tablets not only stop your brain from understanding that your joint is in trouble but also leads to chronic illness. 

Arthritis is an auto-immune condition—your immune system attacks your own body. This disease arises because of lifestyle imbalance. You need to understand, if you don’t take proper care on the way you sit, stand, walk or sleep there will be some deformities. 

Also, if you have poor eating habits, not obeying your biological clock and disrespecting your physical routine, you are prone to lifestyle diseases. 


Lifestyles diseases like Arthritis or types of arthritis conditions occur because of the internal inflammation in the joints. In biology, an inflammation in the body is recognized as a sign of foreign invasion by your immune system. 

But the joint inflammation, we are talking about is not because of a foregin invasion—major of times— it is because of the wrong things you sent into your body. (most of the time it is because you did not send right things)

And now your immune system attacks your body. We call this a backfired plan. Ayurveda’s approach towards Arthritis differs from the modern system of medicine. The pain, inflammation and the tenderness in your joints should be reduced without attacking your immune system. 

Unlike the modern system of medicines, Ayurveda focuses on correcting your habits, food routines, sleep patterns and they show splendid performance on the joints. Top 3 benefits of Arthritis and Ayurveda Treatment.

Customised Ayurveda Treatment Plan 

Not only Ayurveda accepts the fact that each human is different because of their DNA, every science and medicine system also abides. But only a few systems also practice the fact in therapies, and treatment plans. Ayurveda is one among them. 

In the webinar Management of Rheumatological Disorders, with Dr.L.Mahadevan, the legendary Ayurveda Physician, explains Arthritis treatment plan with a tailored approach for each individual depending on their body type. 

The three body types, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, become vulnerable to this arthritis condition depending on many factors which is dynamic. Ayurveda treatment plan for a Vata person differs from a Pitta person and Kapha person or vice versa. 


Example: We all have that one friend in our gang, who never gains weight irrespective of how many tons of food they swallow each day. 

Each person’s body-mind constitution is different. In Rheumatoid Arthritis, for some people the oil massage treatment will be at beginning while for others at later stages of the treatment plan. This is for the difference in the body type and also on the symptoms of the condition.

When a Kapha person is prone to Arthritis, the body weight needs to be on tab through frequent physical activity. But for a Vata person, they have a lean built body, with hyper-energy, so they need to go with a soft physical routine.

1.Customised approach enables the Ayurveda physician to study your body and mind. 

2. They can help you practice strong habits that make you take care of yourself without the need of medications

3.Personalized Ayurveda treatment for rheumatoid arthritis brings confidence in the person too.

Minimal to No- Side Effects 

Side effects occur depending on the individual’s body type. In Ayurveda, while treating an Arthritis patient, some people recover with no need of medication, some recover by taking medication for a few months and for a few people they have after effects. 

It depends on the intensity of your joint inflammation, mental strength to fight the condition and proactive measures in implementing. In arthritis treatment, steroids and pain relievers are the two commonly suggested medicines from the western system. 

They restrict the neuron signals from carrying the information to the brain and also lowers the body immunity power. In taking steroids for Rheumatoid Arthritis  bring excessive facial hair growth, obesity in females. 

WATCH: Why pain relievers are bad for you?

The fundamental concept of Ayurveda is to maintain health. Ayurveda does not look at the disease. It looks at the host and [an individual’s] vulnerability. They possibility to reduce the side effects to zero is also in the ancient system of medicine. 

Informative Decisions 

There are distinct types of joint pains and the condition related also varies depending upon the pain. There might be degeneration in the joints, no lubrication in the joints or physical injury. 

In Ayurveda, before proceeding with the treatment, the experts guides you to understand the condition by body-mind constitution tests. Ayurveda also gives you the causes of the pain you are experiencing.

In Arthritis, healthy eating is very important. People who have arthritis face challenges in their day-to-day routines. For people with gout arthritis, using a mobile phone will require a third person help. 

Each therapy, food routine, sleep pattern, lifestyle habits and physical activity is explained with their positive effect on your body. For example: When your Ayurveda physician starts the therapy, he/she explains the need for your cooperation in changing your habits. This gives you understanding about your body, medical therapies and make informed decisions in your life.

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Arthritis is there from ancient times. Even the kings had Arthritis conditions, and they did not have surgeries or chemicals to recover their pain. Healthy eating with proper lifestyle is more than enough for most cases of Arthritis. 

If you are struggling with Arthritis or just a joint pain and wondering about the diagnosis. Please talk to an expert from our LiveRight Ayurveda Doctors panel. Don’t become a google doctor.

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