How to live with COVID-19?

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How to live with covid-19 ?
6 minute read

Change is the only thing that stays unchanged. 

COVID19 pandemic has taken the world through a lot of emotional waves, which brought a different mindset at unique periods of pandemics. 

At the present moment, you need to go to work but also be safe, healthy and definitely not infected by coronavirus 

Pandemics are not new for earth. There have been plenty of pandemics in the past and every time the earth survived with the fittest human beings in it. 


How did people survive the pandemics in the past?

There was a time, where thermal scans, ultrasound diagnosis or robotics surgery were not present. During that time, a thermometer itself was a huge medical invention. Pandemics occurred repetitively in centuries and people survived it through various strict practices. 

Immunity is the key to any disease. Our body has a natural defense to fight all kinds of foreign substances. This was the triumph card that helped the humans to survive so many diseases, disorders and health pandemics for centuries. 

A well-built natural immunity brings the full potential inside the human body and can withstand any viral infection. Earlier, food habits were healthy, and they did not need any special disciplines to practice them separately. They structured their daily routines to focus on physical and mental health. 

The practices such as building the door knobs in copper and washing feet and hands before entering the house were all to prevent the spread of viral infection.

How do you live with COVID-19?

Coronavirus is a deadly virus. It is lethal, just like SARS and MERS. The infection brought by coronavirus in your body is like that of a respiratory illness but more severe. 

When there is a war, the country borders are protected because it is hard to fight the enemy inside. There needs to be an individual approach and also team coordination.  

The MHA guidelines on standard operating procedure for companies includes a detailed approach about operating the office without infection. 

But there is another scenario where you need to think about it: you are the ones who are fighting at the borders now. If the soldiers go weak, the borders don’t keep us safe. You are those soldiers who need the strength to stand tall and fight at the borders. 

As per the AYUSH health guidelines, here is how Ayurveda takes the crucial step in building the strong immune system to fight the infection and also live the regular life. 


Health Routines for Boosting Your Immunity 

Just like the routines at our family and workplace, we need to put some health routines into our life. The recent problem outside is not like the previous viral infections because the symptoms are becoming more asymptomatic. 

Take some monumental steps to keep the coronavirus always at arm’s length. Social distancing and also hygiene will help you but the chances of you failing at them is also high. Risking your health is not affordable at this moment.

Immunity starts from having a good digestive fire. We term this in Ayurveda as Ojas. Ojas is proportional to one’s immunity. Boosting your immunity begins with having a good digestion and metabolism. The natural immunity boosting elements are food, herbs, water and sleep. 

Workplace Health Routines 

Every day when you step into office, you will do a stand-up-call that involves checking on every team’s pending tasks to the current tasks and deadlines. Here is food to your thought, “Investing in the business tools is a drain of money if you don’t have human resources to operate them”

Along with your regular roll-call, implement fresh changes that strengthen the healthy habits of your employees. At LiveRight, we have been practicing “Gadget-free lunchtime from 2020”. This practice cut down our brainstorming time and improved productivity too. 

Encourage your employees to do the following and try enabling them as a health policy under your HR schemes 


1. Distribute Kabasura Kudineer at your office daily. If you are thinking about how to prepare in enormous quantities, Kabasura shots are an excellent idea to go with. They are compact and you can just mix them in hot water and drink. 

2. In your pantry, cut down the caffeine. Caffeine provides an instant recharge to the employees dull mood, but it brings down their immune system and they can catch infections too. You can have energy boosting drinks like Raagi Malt, Millet Health Drink, Pepper Buttermilk to kick start their brain. Also, you can try our Ayurvedic Chocolate Drink–Eastern M+. This has Ashwagandha, that is good for digestion and also activates the brain cells. 

3. Avoid the Swiggy orders at your office. Instead, encourage the employees to bring their home-cooked food and eat them at the pantry. Educate them about eating a light-weight and digestible food that boosts their immune system. 

4. If you are looking for additional ayurvedic  immunity supplements, restrict your employees from consuming the pills from the modern system of medicine. Those artificial molecules will pull down your immune system. Our central Govt pushed the Ayush norms to all the state health departments to follow the intake of herbal immunity supplements like Indhukantha Kashyam, Golden Turmeric Milk and Nilavembu Kudineer. 


5. Replace the normal drinking water with herbal drinking water like adding Jeera seeds to the lukewarm water or preparing Shandanga paniyam. Sitting in AC can disturb the digestive fire of many people. Adjusting your water intake is one of the easiest ways to boost your immunity naturally.

The above 5 routines corrects the diet, food and meal routines in the workplace. Apart from this you need to take care of your employees sitting positions and break habits too.

Lifestyle Routines at Workplace 

Dr.Sivakumar, head of Chennai heritage hospital, addressed in his webinar “How to live with COVID-19?” sitting in a proper ergonomic chair avoids joint pains and maintains a great immunity to our body. 

From his insights here are few lifestyle changes in the workplace that brings a sustainable environment during COVID-19 

1.Ergonomic chairs which do not harm the spine and neck of the employees will cut down the internal inflammation. 

2. Break-time from the screen time is advised. Plan your meetings and other brainstorming sessions without the need of having an electronic device. This can also boost your employees productivity, problem-solving skills and creativity. 

3. Tea breaks outdoors can be stopped during pandemics because they can bring in infections and damage the immune system. 

4. Avoid close contacts with colleagues for a while. The fun-filled office moments need to wait till we need to confirm that the virus has lost it’s virility.

Individual Routines To Boost Your Immunity

As we discussed earlier digestive fire and metabolism rate determines the immunity of the individual. You are a citizen of a country and a human being on this earth, carrying a lot of responsibilities. Immunity is a system, it is like that of a legacy. Put in consistent effort daily without questioning. Dr.Sivakumar’s daily routines which include simple steps to move towards boosting your immune system. 

1. Wake up every morning at the same time between 5-6 AM. Meditate or have a quiet time with yourself in the morning for 30 mins to understand better about your surroundings, planning the day and setting your mind to put it. 

2. Empty your bowels and then do a self massage with sesame oil or coconut oil to your body and face. The massage regulates the blood circulation, and it leads to replenishing your skin from within. 

3. Eat your breakfast within 2 hours of your waking. This pushes your digestion to a normal level and also boosts your immunity system because of the well-cooked breakfast. 

4. Wear your masks, apply your sanitizers (use a herbal sanitizer if you have skin allergies) and keep a social distance from anyone. Reach your workplace safely.

5. Avoid snacking in between and have a no-spicy and oil-free lunch which will not make your stomach feel heavy. Don’t cover your face in a bowl of chicken biryani or junk foods like pizza. Cook a light-meal balanced with a leafy and a water rich vegetable. 

6. Take one fruit every day. This helps you to focus on replacing the sugar cravings and the processed white sugars with healthy dessert options like mixed fruit box or freshly prepared juices. 

7. Wash your hands and feet outside the house using a soap or use hand sanitizer before entering. If you have sensitive skin, try using herbal sanitizers. 

8. When you return from work, have an evening routine which does not involve screen time. Physical activity based on games, quality time with family or read a book. Do some household chores while listening to light music. 

9. Eat your dinner before 7PM or if you are eating later, please have one fruit and warm milk for your dinner. (If you have lifestyle disorders like diabetes or arthritis avoid the fruits that is not suitable for you)

10. Take a warm hot shower and hit the bed without looking at your mobile phone.


Immunity is the only way to fight a battle that looks unresolvable. Remember, you have to prevent the infection catching upon you. The sanitizers, masks and the soaps are all supportive systems to your natural defense system. 

A man who can control his body and focus on building the strength is the one that will never surrender to a pandemic. Immunity helps, there is no doubt in this. 

If you are not convinced hear it from the expert

Watch our webinar on “How to live with COVID-19?” by Dr.Sivakumar. 

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