Nalpamaradi Thailam : 25 Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the 25 most commonly asked questions by our customers before purchasing Nalpamaradi Thailam.
Nalpamaradi Thailam
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Does Nalpamaradi Thailam really work?

The one question you wish to know the answer to before you buy Nalpamaradi Thailam online. 

It’s miraculous to see the mild differences like lightning dark spots in 5-10 days. When you apply Nalpamaradi Thailam according to your skin type, you can see visible changes within 15 days. Here are the 25 most commonly asked questions by our customers before or after purchasing Nalpamaradi Thailam. 

Can I leave Nalpamaradi Thailam overnight?

Nalpamaradi thailam can be left overnight. But it will stain the pillow covers or sheets you sleep on due to its yellow tinge. It is better to wash off in 30 minutes with besan or sandalwood powder or nalpamaradi soap. 

How often should I use ?

Dry skin and Combination skin: Use Nalpamaradi Thailam twice a day i.e before you go for a bath in the morning and before you go to sleep at night.

Oily skin and Sensitive skin: Nalpamaradi Thailam should be used thrice a week both in the morning and at night.

How many days will one bottle come?

A 100ml bottle will last about 30 days when used only on the face. If you use it for a whole body–feet, hands, face and neck, the oil comes for 20 days. Use less than 10 drops for each body part. 

How to massage ?

Take 4-5 drops of the thailam on your hand and apply it evenly on your face covering the neck, cheek, forehead, and nose. Massage the applied area using your fingers in an upward direction, using gentle pressure. Do it for 2 minutes daily. The more you massage with this thailam, the quicker your results. 

How do you remove/ wash Nalpamaradi Thailam?

After applying Nalpamaradi Thailam, let it sit for about 15- 20 minutes. Then wash with herbal soaps like Nalpamaradi soap or Almond oil soap. You can even wash it off with chickpea flour, sandalwood powder, sidhathanka choornam. This will give you better results.

Does it remove dark spots?

Yes, it does without a doubt. Nalpamaradi Thailam has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It heals the acne spots and removes the dark spots if used regularly and properly. 

What is the difference between Nalpamaradi Thailam and Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam?

Nalpamaradi Thailam is prepared with sesame oil as its base. The effect of this oil is hydration, therefore it is best in winter conditions. While Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam is prepared with coconut oil as its base. The effect of this oil is coolant, therefore it’s ideal in summers.

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Which is better, Kumkumadi thailam or Nalpamaradi thailam?

Both are equally good. When used in combination, they give a healthy nourishing skin tone. Kumkumadi Thailam is used for the treatment of dull, pigmented, and damaged skin whereas Nalpamaradi thailam is used for skin nourishment, hydration, and de-tanning treatment. KumKumadi is a face serum whereas Nalpamaradi Thailam can be used on the face and the body as well.

Can boys use Nalpamaradi thailam?

Yes, boys also can use Nalpamaradi thailam. Nowadays everyone wants to look good, so it’s not a problem for boys to use it too. 

Can I use Nalpamaradi thailam on my baby?

Yes, Nalpamaradi Thailam can be applied to babies who are over a year old. It is advisable to seek a doctor’s opinion if the baby is below 1 year old. Massage the joints well for good blood circulation. It has calming effects on babies. 

What are the ingredients of Nalpamaradi Thailam?

Nalpamaradi Thailam consists of:

Nalpamara: Vata- Ficus benghalensis, Ashwattha- Ficus religiosa, Plaksha- Ficus lacor,Udumbara- Ficus glomerata

Triphala: Haritaki- Terminalia chebula, Vibhitaki- Terminalia bellirica, Amla- Emblica officinalis

 Chandana ( Sandalwood)- Santalum album

Sevya- Vetiveria zizanioides

Kushta- Saussurea lappa

 Manjistha- Rubia cordifolia

Chora- Angelica glauca

Tila taila- Oil of Sesamum indicum

Paimanjal( Wet turmeric)- Curcurma longa

Parpata- Fumaria indica                          

Source : Ayurtimes

Can I use Nalpamaradi thailam on pimples and acne-prone areas?

Nalpamaradi thailam prevents the formation of pimples and acne because it has antibacterial properties. Therefore, it is safe to use Nalpamaradi thailam on pimples and acne areas. 

Is Nalpamaradi thailam good for fungal infections?

Nalpamaradi Thailam is anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antipruritic, and anti-oxidant in nature. It is used in the treatment of fungal infections like mycosis fungoides, pityriasis rosea, eczema, etc.

Does Nalpamaradi thailam remove facial hair?

No, Nalpamaradi Thailam does not remove facial hair. Nalpamaradi oil is used as a supporting topical application in decreasing the facial hair growth in the ayurvedic treatments for hirsutism, hormonal imbalance. 

Does it help in skin brightening?

Nalpamaradi Thailam removes the suntan. This gives you a visible skin glow. Using Nalpamaradi thailam won’t make you paperwhite in a day, it will just remove the tan and bring your natural skin tone brighter and better.

Can it remove stretch marks?

Nalpamaradi Thailam should be applied on the stretch marks and massaged in an upward direction. This should be done daily for about 2 minutes. The stretch marks won’t go away completely but it will lighten the stretch marks.

Will it cause skin breakout and red rashes for the first time?

For some people, they might get heat boils when trying it for the first time. But it goes away in 2 days if you make it a routine. You should be aware of your skin type before using it. If you have oily skin, using it thrice a week will regulate your excess oil secretion. But if you overuse, you might have an oily day. 

How viscous is the Thailam?

Nalpamaradi thailam is not super thick viscous. It is somewhere between the medium-heavy consistency that helps you to massage the oil well into the skin. It smells like turmeric and sesame oil. 

Is Nalpamaradi an anti-aging product? Can it reduce wrinkles?

Nalpamaradi thailam is a good anti-aging product. Usually, dry skin is prone to wrinkles because they lack moisture. When nalpamaradi thailam is used regularly, it hydrates the skin.

Does it remove scar marks?

Nalpamaradi thailam lightens the scar marks. It won’t make the scars go away completely. Also, it is not effective on birthmarks.

Does Nalpamaradi thailam remove dark circles?

Yes, it reduces the darkness around your eyes. However apply it everyday night before going to sleep for better results. Massage the thailam gently using your ring finger around the eyes. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off with plain water. Do this daily to see the results.

What is the expiration date?

Yes, Nalpamaradi Thailam expires in 3 years.

Are there any side effects of using Nalpamaradi Thailam?

No, there aren’t any side effects of Nalpamaradi Thailam. It is an ayurvedic product, completely chemical-free. 


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