Ayurvedic Remedy For Dark Circles

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Dark circles appear in all genders. It is a myth that since women use kajal, they should only have concerns about dark circles. Here is an ayurvedic remedy for Dark circles
6 minute read

Vizhiyil un vizhiyil 

Vandu vizhunden andha nodiyil

En edir kaalam needan

Endru uyir sonnadhu….

Have you ever heard this song?

Eyes…The eyes are the window to the universe. 

Ayurvedic remedy for dark circles

The beauty of the face lies in the beauty of the eyes.

There are various metaphors and similes with eyes described by various writers and great poets. Bright, twinkling eyes are the ones that attract any person. 

Have you ever felt someone compliment you that :

“Your eyes are so beautiful… Your eye-lash, they are absolutely dashing…”

And then you fear please don’t mention my dark circles!

Now, they hit you with your mind voice

“Your eyes will look amazing if there were no dark circles”…

So here comes the question.

Dark circles – What are they?

Dark circles are a layer of pigmentation that is found just beneath your eyes.  It appears when the skin just below both eyes appears darkened. The pigmentation can vary from black, and purple to brown depending upon the skin tone of each person. 

There are various causes for the appearance of dark circles on your face. It depends upon both internal and external factors. Let’s discuss them one by one.

ayurvedic remedy for dark circles

Dark circles – Why are they popping up?

Dark circles appear in all genders. It is a myth that since women use kajal, they should only have concerns about dark circles. Besides, there are other factors listed below that can cause dark circles beneath your eyes.

The direct and indirect factors are discussed below.

Direct factors


As you grow, your skin also gets older. The lack of fluid distribution beneath your eyes causes the skin to turn dry or sunken. Due to this your skin also gets thinner leading to the layers of the skin being pigmented or darkened.


If you have been recently suffering from any allergy relating to your eyes or your skin as a whole, dark circles pop up. It is because it indicates that something in your body is not correct.  

If you are currently suffering from an illness, say fever then your eyes express that you are not well through your dark circles.

This is a common cause so there is no need to worry about the same.

3) Exposure to Sun

Is there any person in your family who is exposed to the sun for long hours or the whole day? Like salesman, construction labor, so and so. 

If you look at their eyes the chance of them having dark circles is very high. Direct exposure to the sun can make your skin tanned and sweaty. Your skin can become dry easily as a result of which you may have dark circles.

4) Sleep Cycle

A proper 8-hour sleep cycle will make you feel fresh in the morning. Your eyes can tell whether you had a proper sleep or not. Drowsy eyes or sticky eyes are prone to dark circles. And also if you are a person who often rubs your eyes, the chances of you having dark circles are high.

5) Dehydration

Consuming at least 1.5 liters of water daily can make your skin shine. If you are dehydrated, your skin may become pale soon and it can lead to dryness and pigmentation in your skin. 

The eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. So, dehydration leads to paleness and dryness in and around the areas of your eyes causing dark circle appearances.

Indirect factors

  1. Screen Time Involvement
ayurvedic remedy for Dark circles

Say, you are binge-watching a web series on Netflix continuously for hours, or you are staring at a screen for a long, straining your eyes. Due to the light from the screens of phones/laptops/iPad, your eyes feel tired and exhausted. This results in the appearance of a darkened tone beneath your eyes.

2)Lifestyle follow up

Your lifestyle includes what you eat and when you eat, when you sleep and for how many hours, are you stressed or relaxed, the exposure of eyes to screens, and so and so.

If you are weak and anemic, consume more junk foods, and skip your meal, it all impacts your health. This in turn reflects in your eyes through dark circle pigments.

Stressful work environments and night shift work can also be some of the causes of under-eye pigmentations.

Exposure to direct rays of light to your eyes for long hours and long screen time hours are aided causes of dark circles.

3)Cosmetics users alert!

The application of make-up on your face, especially concealers/sketches beneath your eyes, makes your skin pores suffocate.

Each and every part of your body breathes. Usage of cosmetics closes the escape of skin breath through the pores. As a result, your skin becomes dry and you are prone to have early fine lines beneath your eyes.

Ayurvedic perspective of Dark circles 

People who are in the zone of dehydration level usually have a Vata imbalance in their bodies. Vata aggravates dryness in your body and vice versa is also true. Food intake which is predominantly dry or dehydrated in nature can cause Vata imbalance and also improper sleep cycle and insomnia conditions lead to the popping up of dark circles beneath your eyes.

Pitta imbalance is also related to the darkening of under-eye skin. Intake of spicy, sour, chilly foods can aggravate heat in your body which causes such darkening beneath your eyes.

Run away Dark Circles

“The dark circles in her eyes told stories that no concealer could hide”.

Natural remedies can make dark circles fly away with ease. Since the eyes are very sensitive parts of the face, using natural restoration is better.

Here are a few suggestions that can nourish your under-eye skin.

  1. Applying oil

Oil is considered a natural lubricator. It has multiple benefits,  applying oil at night around your eyes can boost your skin tone and prevents pigmentation. And for better and quick results, subtle massage around the parts of the eyes with any type of oil can help your skin to reduce dryness and stress around such areas. 

ayurvedic remedy for Dark circles
  1. Applying a creamy layer of Milk

Milk acts as a natural cleanser. The boiled milk has a tendency to produce a thin layer of cream at the top. Applying such a layer  in the darkened area beneath your eyes can moisturize your skin and prevent dehydration

It also reduces the occurrence of early fine lines below your eyes.

Ayurvedic Remedy for dark circles
  1. Sleep Well, Stay Well

“Sleep makes the night more alive and more richly colorful than the day.”

A proper 8-hour sleep cycle will surely help your eyes to rest and gain back energy for the next day. Deep circles may appear due to the stress of looking at screens for long hours. There are 2 tips for healthy sleep:

  1. No exposure to screens before one hour of your sleep time
  2. Turn off the lights and have your eyes covered with a dark cloth to get a good night’s sleep.

In case you are a person who works on a night shift schedule, ensure that you apply oil around your eyes daily during the day to cool them and have a proper sleep time during mid-day or evening.

4) Using an ayurvedic under-eye roll on

Roll-on is a quick way out for under-eye pigmentations. It’s because the ball applicator ensures that it is diluted evenly on the skin. You can reap its benefits by applying directly to the pigmented or darkened areas of your eyes. It will stay for long hours and helps aid your skin in maintaining its moisture throughout the day.

5) Usage of Ice cubes

Place an ice cube on a cloth and wrap it up. Now, use this on your under-eye pigmentation to provide a cooling effect around parts of your eyes.

This is an easily available home remedy for deep circles.

Ayurvedic Remedy for Dark circles

Your eyes are sparkling

Yes, you heard that right. Get rid of those deep circles that make your face dull That’s because your eyes are so chill.

The beauty of a woman is not in her hair, face, or anything else. It’s in the eyes, always in the eyes. From time immemorial the emphasis on the beauty of women has been placed in her eyes. 

Shine your eyes, give them a Surprise!

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