5 Summer Skincare Tips – Ayurvedic Remedies

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5 Summer Skincare Tips - Ayurvedic Remedies
4 minute read

Summer is more than just heat and dehydration. The hot summer even damages your skin. You would have tried all summer skincare tips to keep your skin healthy. To protect the skin from the hot sun – moisturizers, facewash, sunscreen, foundation, face packs, concealer, and whatnot are used.

Generally, the summer season makes our skin oily because of the sebum produced. People with oily skin by nature have to go through these tough times of summer. And above all, our face becomes sticky and dirty due to sweat mixed with sebum oil. 

Skin is sensitive and the largest organ of our body, which needs more attention and care. Summer can’t be a reason for unhealthy skin just because you missed following some proper skincare routine. Skincare routine includes not only external care but also includes internal care. So, Let’s make this summer a skin-friendly season by following healthy summer skincare tips prepared with simple Ayurvedic home remedies.

Stay hydrated – to do task for a healthy skin 

Hot summer will generally make us feel thirsty. Just as your inner body looks for water, your skin also feels thirsty. Drink water as much as required. To sustain water in your body, increase water intake through fruit juices, tender coconut water, sugarcane juice, syrups, medicated water, etc.

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stay hydrated (summer skincare tips)

Light and water-rich diet – include foods with cooling effects

Summer seasons are known for their hot and harsh conditions. These conditions reduce the power of your digestive fire and decrease the capacity to digest heavy foods. So taking light, water-rich foods for easy digestion keeps you energetic and hydrated. Eat fruits and vegetables that are water-rich and act as a natural coolant. Include foods that are sweet, bitter, and astringent in your diet. Always have a balanced diet.

Simple Ayurvedic Recipes for Summer:

Ayurvedic Rasala: 

Blend 3 cups of curd with one cup of jaggery and one teaspoon of pepper powder. 

Tasty Energy Drink: 

Prepare your regular grape or nannari sarbath/syrup. Add 2 to 3 pinches of dry ginger powder (sukku) and pepper powder in a glass of juice. Also, add honey for sweetness. And finally, garnish your drink with puffed rice. It not only garnishes but also adds nutritional value to your drink.

Nutritive Congee:

  1. Add Kandankathiri/Nerunji mull powder to rice congee – a good choice for those suffering from painful micturition, kidney stones, etc., due to dehydration.
  2. Mung bean congee with fenugreek added – a simple and nutritional supplement that improves your appetite and keeps you hydrated.
water-rich foods (summer skincare tips)

Healthy sleep patterns – 7 to 8 hours of compulsory sleep

Whatever season you live in, your body requires 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday. Practice a regular sleep schedule. Never let other works affect your biological clock. Try waking up early in the morning.

Healthy sleep patterns (summer skincare tips)

Oil massage – apply oil on your skin and scalp

To reduce heat absorption into your body, apply oil regularly on your scalp. The oil here is the protective layer for your head that prevents heat absorption. Hot winds can make your skin dry; lack of moisture in your skin. A regular oil massage to your body can help you protect your skin’s moisture. Oil massage is a traditional detoxification method and one of the best summer skincare tips for your skin. It reduces the stress on your skin and makes it soft and healthy.

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Oil massage (summer skincare tips)

Things to avoid – say NO to things that aggravate your skin

In every season, we would avoid certain foods and practices. And this is based on the temperature and climatic changes that occur during each season. In the same way, summer requires you to avoid certain things.

  1. Avoid fried, spicy, dry, or preserved foods. In this hot and dry climate, having dry and fried foods will make you feel thirsty and hot. Spice is an ingredient with hot potency. So avoid spicy foods. Avoid heavy foods. They all aggravate your skin condition.
  2. Avoid drinking cold water directly from the refrigerator. And no cold beverages too.
  3. Avoid irregular sleep practices. They develop stress for both your body and mind.

Stay healthy for a happy summer. Ayurveda has always advised people to practice “ritucharya” – seasonal regimens. Every season has its merit and demerit. So mold your lifestyle in such a way that your practices help you stay healthy in every season.

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