10 Ayurvedic Steps to Break the Summer Heat

4 minute read
4 minute read

In Ayurveda, every season is associated with dosha. The climatic changes around you will also change your dosha level. During summer, Kapha will drastically reduce, and Vata will consequently increase. And Pitta representing the heat element will also aggravate in the summer.

When summer comes, all we remember is the sun’s scorching heat. But Ayurveda can help you make your summer cool and energetic. But how? Here are some simple 10 Ayurvedic steps to make your summer enjoyable.

Stay hydrated

Drink more water. Always have warm or normal water. Don’t take water directly from the refrigerator when you come home from outside. Drinking medicated water is more highly recommended than plain water. 

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Stay hydrated - summer tips

Eat fruits that are hydrating

Fruits with rich water content can give your body the necessary nutrients and water supplements. They help in sustaining the overall water content in your body. Moreover, water-rich fruits or vegetables act as natural coolants.

Eat fruits that are hydrating - summer

Adjust your meal type according to the summer season

In the summer season, you might not feel hungry often. Instead, you feel thirsty. So take foods that are soupy or in the form of congee. Light foods help in easy digestion. Your body is already exhausted by the hot atmosphere, so don’t exhaust it by eating heavy foods. And heavy foods require high energy to digest. So avoid heavy, spicy, dry, or preserved foods that can make you feel more thirsty. Include sweet, bitter, and sour tastes in your diet for summer.

Adjust your meal type according to the summer season - summer tips

Follow proper sleep pattern

Sleep is something that rejuvenates your brain cells. Food can’t be the only supplement for an active brain. So take atleast 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Due to tiredness, taking a small nap in the daytime can make you feel fresh. 

Follow proper sleep pattern - summer tips

Practice mild regular workouts

Same thing again! A hot climate already exhausts your body, so don’t push your body to extreme tiredness by doing heavy workouts. Swimming, slow cycling, walking, and mild sports are recommended. 

Meditation and breathing exercises

Have you ever noticed that in a hot climate, many of us will become impatient? It is because of the imbalance in the Vata and Pitta dosha. So practice meditation and pranayama to calm your Pitta dosha (embodiment of fire) and brain.

Meditation and breathing exercises - summer tips

Use herbal and hydrating face packs

Summer heat sometimes welcomes irritation and itchiness on your skin. Using chemical moisturizers or face packs can increase the effect. So use light and water based herbal face packs that hydrate and nourish your skin. Herbal face packs made out of natural ingredients not only help in hydrating your skin but also help in removing your dullness and gives a natural glow to your skin.

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Use herbal and hydrating face packs - summer tips

Wear cotton and light colored clothes

Cotton clothes help in absorbing the sweat from your body. Light coloured clothes can protect you from getting heated up easily. So wearing loose-fitting cotton and light-coloured dresses protect your body when you move out in the hot sun.

Wear cotton and light colored clothes - summer tips

Avoid too much exposure to the sun

Try staying indoors during day time. Walking out under early morning or evening sunlight is quite okay. But avoid mid-day sunlight if possible. Wear the necessary clothes while moving in the hot sunlight.

Carry a cap or an umbrella while going out

Even if you go out, carry an umbrella or a cap to protect yourself from heatstroke. 

Sometimes summer heat makes you feel frustrated. But it is left to you to decide how this summer is going to affect your physical, mental, and social health. Practice the Ayurvedic lifestyle to stay healthy and happy.

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