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Nivedha is a typical woman from the millennial era. She is a vibrant young lady with potential dreams to take modeling as her career. However, our budding artist did not have the confidence to make it to the auditions because of her dry skin disorder. We, LiveRight Ayurveda, were fortunate to have met this woman and helped her out in living her dreams.
4 minute read

I know it is a very cringe headline, but that is exactly what Nivedha said to us when she came in to heal her skin dryness problem. 

Nivedha is a typical woman from the millennial era. She is a vibrant young lady with potential dreams to take modeling as her career. However, our budding artist did not have the confidence to make it to the auditions because of her dry skin disorder. 

We, LiveRight Ayurveda, were fortunate to have met this woman and helped her out in living her dreams. 

What is Skin Dryness? 

Usually, skin dryness is taken for granted because much of the damage is not visible. Ayurveda confirms that skin dryness is a result of Vata Dosha. Indeed, the air and ether elements completely dry out the skin internally and externally. They have a tendency to arrest the flow of any fluid—sebum in the case of skincare. When your sebaceous glands are not secreting enough essential facial oil, your skin eventually becomes thin and dry. 

Problems with Dry Skin

Nivedha is a dominant Vata Prakriti with a high Vata energy. Her digestive fire was erratic to a level where the fat deposits did not leave her body, and it started to produce toxins (Ama).  

These Ama (toxins) circulated throughout her body and were deposited on the superficial fascia, which made her skin feel and look dry, causing irritation, scaling or inflammation, and infection. During the winter, like the white king from GOT, she was covered with white patches all over her arms and body. 

She kept rubbing lotions on her body every day after stepping out of the shower but it was vain. The problem was not on the external epidermis. It demanded more than just a bottle of thick cocoa butter oil. 

Correcting The Digestive Fire 

For Vata Prakriti & Vata Dosha people, it is important to keep an eye on their biological clock. Most of the time, because of skipping food and sleep, they tend to develop all Vata-related disorders. Nivedha was also facing the same problem. 

We put her on our lifestyle coaching program that comes with a free diet and sleep monitor. Nivedha was so ambitious in her career that she forgot the importance of eating healthy and sleeping for at least 6 hours a day. It triggered her digestion to change abruptly, disturbing the enzymes and hormones. 

After her 7-day log was filed, our skincare expert, Dr.Subashri, devised a unique diet chart that lowers the Vata and detoxes her body at the same time. It is an easy diet plan that requires minimum cooking skills. 

Overall her treatment plan was only three steps, 

  1. Nithya Virechanam – detox 
  2. Pathya Aaharam – stabilizing digestive fire 
  3. Abhyanga – self-massage   


Nithya Virechanam

Nithya Virechanam is an easy detox procedure that can be done without hindering her daily chores or work. It is a simple medicated water that needs to be consumed straight for 15-30 days to flush out the Ama (toxins) from the body. 

The water is made from herbal powder depending upon your dosha and vikriti state. 


  • Removes the residues toxins and impurities from the body
  • Balances the enzymes for optimal sebum secretion 
  • Increases cell ability to absorb the food

Pathya Aaharam 

Diet for skin is overlooked by this generation of kids. What you send inside decides your outside appearance. If you are to eat more burgers and pizza, your skin is going to look like oozy cheese with the irregular shapes of toppings. If you eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits, your skin becomes plumpy, hydrated, and fair in complexion. 

Nivedha food diet had only three corrections, 

  1. Remove the Vata aggravating food 
  2. Add Kapha and Pitta inducing food 
  3. Align her biological clock to her lifestyle routine 

Her diet chart included equal amounts of nutrients with a mix of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and staples. Since she is more of a Vata person, developing a palate for richer food is quite challenging for her. To address this resistant behavior, we helped her build recipes that created an interest for her to naturally try new healthy things. She was supported by a nutrition expert to guide her upon the number of good calories intake every day. 


Abhyanga provides the means for transdermal absorption of the healing qualities of the oil used in the massage. As a result, it helps the skin, the largest organ in the body, to perform its diverse functions efficiently. The benefits of abhyanga are versatile, from removing toxins from the body and absorbing nutrients, it does wonder when practiced regularly.

The oil varies depending on the skin condition. Nivedha’s skin was super dry, itchy, and peeling. So Nalpamaradi Thailam with Nalpamaradi soap helped her to control the excessive dryness every day. 

Abhyanga Process

  1. Take 10ml of Nalpamaradi Thailam in a bowl. Gently dip your fingertips into the bowl and rub them across gently on the entire face from forehead to under the chin. Now take slightly extra and apply them on your hands, feet, neck, and shoulder back. 
  2. Massaging is important – Start massaging gently but firmly across your face focusing on the forehead, nose tips to remove the uneven patches and blackheads. Use upward motion while massaging on your face. It tightens your skin and prevents sagging. Massage at least 5-10 minutes
  3. Must Wash /Shower – Head into the shower after 10 minutes and use lukewarm water. (it leaves you with moisture). Don’t leave oil and sleep all night. It will spoil your bedspreads and pillow covers. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the oil before hitting the bed


Owning A Darling Skin 

Skincare is the most patience-testing lifestyle routine. It requires intensive care, effort, and consistency. 

No matter what, every day, Nivedha showed up with zeal to get her skin the right nourishment. We were surprised by the amount of dedication she showed in following the treatment plan. 

Today, Nivedha is there in the television industry, as a budding young side artist, chasing her dreams confidently. Nivedha also taught us that there is nothing wrong with feeling good after owning good healthy skin. 

She is the inspiration for skin health before skin beauty. 

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